The Small Business Storytellers with Seth Silvers

The Small Business Storytellers with Seth Silvers

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Holding Companies and How They Benefit Business with James Laws
May 16, 2022

James Laws is the Co-Founder and CEO of Saturday Drive, a company designed to develop and assist other small businesses. For over twenty years, James has been building and improving products and businesses as well as designing systems and processes for ev

Finding the Right Fit in the Franchising World with Diane Pleuss
May 09, 2022

Diane Pleuss is a consultant for FranChoice, a franchise consulting company that utilizes industry experts to provide the tools and resources needed to help franchise candidates realize their dreams. With her years of experience, Diane has helped business

Trusting Your Gut and Making Transitions in Your Business with Chandler Walker
May 02, 2022

Chandler Walker is a co-owner and head coach at Stone Age Fuel School of Fitness, a company that specializes in providing various fitness, wellness, and athletic programs for its patrons. While many in-person businesses were forced to make the switch to r

How Small Books Can Make a Big Impact for Your Business with Mike Capuzzi
April 25, 2022

Mike Capuzzi is the founder and owner of Bite Sized Books, a publishing company that specializes in nonfiction short helpful books, or “shooks”, to allow business owners to promote themselves and their business. Mike’s team works with local business owner

Making and Marketing a High-Quality Product with Mark Romera
April 18, 2022

Mark Romera is the CEO of Spimbey, a company that creates customizable, high-quality outdoor children’s playsets. Spimbey strives to make functional, sustainable, and stylish pieces that allow children to reconnect with their imaginations, playmates, and

Finding Purpose in Your Creative Work with Derek Moore
April 11, 2022

Derek Moore is the CEO and Co-Founder of Coffee & TV, a London-based,  independent creative content studio that produces world-class visual content all while staying completely carbon neutral. Derek has worked to center his company’s purpose arou

Revolutionizing Sustainable Packaging in eCommerce with Kate Bezar
April 05, 2022

Kate Bezar is one of the co-founders of The Better Packaging Co., the world’s largest supplier of home compostable packaging for eCommerce that has set a new standard for sustainability in packaging. The Better Packaging Co. has a mission to create innova

Authentic Communication and Intentional Marketing Strategies with Emily Heck
March 28, 2022

Emily Heck is the founder and owner of Evergreen Strategic Communications, a marketing agency based in Indiana that specializes in nonprofit, education, and purpose-driven small business marketing services. Emily uses her many years of experience to eleva

Maintaining Finances for a Profitable Business with Ryan Kimler
March 21, 2022

Ryan Kimler is the founder and CEO of Financial Clarity, and his company works with small business owners to provide them with bookkeeping, accounting, and fractional CFO services to really help them keep a hold on their finances. In this episode of Small

Planning Your Exit: The Benefits of Selling Your Business with Michelle Seiler Tucker
March 14, 2022

Michelle Seiler Tucker is the founder and president of Seiler Tucker, a company that helps business owners to find buyers and successfully sell their businesses. She has compiled over two decades of experience into a new best-selling book called Exit Rich