Small Business 10X

Small Business 10X

Latest Episodes

Episode 12 - Funny Funnels
February 18, 2019

Where I'm at, where I'm not, where did the weekend and why YOUR business needs a sales funnel. Flex Watches & Beyond

SB10X Episode 11 - No funnels, just business
February 15, 2019

The best laid plans of mice and the saying goes. Suffering from a little Shiney Object syndrome and just being busy with business is the order fo the day!

SB10X Episode 10 - Blogging ShortCut
February 14, 2019

Overview of where I am with the funnel building exercise - it's a marathon done as a sprint and a cool way to speed up your blogging - great for any business wanting to 10x their content - you need content!

SB10X Episode 9 - Testing, Testing, 1 2 3 , Testing
February 13, 2019

Testing - and why we do it and the shennanigans that ensue. Also the case of the missing document - enthralling stuff!

SB10X Episode 8 - Pain Points & Customer Actions
February 11, 2019

A day with clients and creating an epiphany for them, sharing insights and giving value to 10X your business.

SB 10X Episode 7 - The End (of the week) Is nigh
February 10, 2019

Funnel-ish update, thinking about the meaning of 10x and what is going to happen beyond the funnel challenge as I head into the final week.

SB10X Episode 6 - And we're building!
February 09, 2019

Building....extra training surprise! Still in catch up. See what's occurring.

SB10X - Episode 5 - Not quite yet
February 08, 2019

When life and businesses get in the way. Saying no to a client that might not be a fit & it's not what you know - it's all about the who.

SB10X - Episode 4 Mistakes!
February 07, 2019

I've made a few mistakes with the Podcast & with my marketing training. Listen for more...

SB10X - Episode 3 communication
February 07, 2019

An insight into how communication impacts is entrepreneurs & getting the most from it.