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Slice of SciFi

Indie Scifi: Director Arvi Ragu on making”Cerebrum”

May 22, 2021

Writer/Director Arvi Ragu stops by to talk about writing the story and making CEREBRUM, and more.

As a computer scientist he was curious about algorithms that collect your online habits and predictive systems that guess what you might be interested in based on your previous shopping and reading interests. Extrapolating those ideas to using technology to map memories, duplicate neural pathways and also store them digitally led to the story and thriller aspects of CEREBRUM.

We also talk about about the special effects and the design of the computers and other props used, and how those devices parallel existing technology in use and being researched for use, about how the actors coordinated role-switching, composing the music, and so much more.

CEREBRUM is available in the US now on Vudu, Amazon, and on DVD via Walmart.

Twitter: @raguarvi

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