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“The Pale Door” and “Scare Package”: Aaron B. Koontz on Making Horror

August 22, 2020

Director/writer Aaron B. Koontz stops by to talk about his supernatural/weird Western "The Pale Door" and getting it filmed during a series of tornados, about linking the coven back to the Salem Witch Trials and the lore of "hunting witches" from Cotton Mather, and more.

Aaron also talks about another new feature he worked on, the horror-comedy anthology "Scare Package". It can be a lot of fun getting a bunch of friends together with 40 gallons of fake blood, and fun he gets from mixing horror with other genres to see what comes out.

"The Pale Door" is available now in theaters, on Demand and Digital from RLJE Films and Shudder.

"Scare Package" is available now on Shudder, and will be available on VOD, Digital HD and Blu-ray on October 20.

Twitter: @AaronBKoontz
Instagram: @aaronbkoontz

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