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Slice of SciFi

Indie Horror: “Hoax” director Matt Allen, actress Cheryl Texeira

August 31, 2019

Director Matt Allen and actress Cheryl Texeira both stop by to chat about making new indie horror feature "Hoax", the challenges of making a movie out in the woods, and more.

First, Matt talks about the 10-year journey from writing the screenplay, shopping it around and finally getting funding to shoot and produce his vision, on working with genre icons like Adrienne Barbeau, Alan Howarth and Bill Munns, and much more.

He also says there are over 40 Easter Eggs in the movie, homages to cult films past and present, so keep an eye out for how many you can spot!

Next, Cheryl talks about her experience filming "Hoax", getting down and dirty in the cold, covered with SFX goop, and more... plus she teases an upcoming indie scifi feature, "Encounter" (can't wait to find out more about that one!)

Websites: Epic Pictures: Hoax,
Instagram: @cheryl.texiera
Twitter: @cheryltexiera

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