Sex, Life, & Business

Sex, Life, & Business

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SpiderMans OnlyFans
August 25, 2021

Join Nick and Greg as we return from our hiatus to bring you updates on sex, life, and business. We'll chat about we've been up to, changes and growth in our business, hot or not chicks in Florida, Spiderman no way home trailer, OnlyFans dumping

Mayweather vs Paul vs Superbid
June 03, 2021

HOLMAT IS BACK!!!! Join SLB in this episode where a big titty ghost interrupts our podcast, trips to hell, free real estate, crypto market millionaires, and will Logan Paul get his ass handed to him by Mayweather or not.

Bill Gates & Tailgating
May 25, 2021

Join SLB as we take a trip to whore island, college football, rage partying, real estate woes, and how it all affects you

HoesCoin & Cheerleading
April 29, 2021

Join Nick and Greg as we dive into tiktok hotties, cheerleader competitions, and crypto currencies we're investing in such as Doge and Bitcoin.

Cash Me Outside at White Boy Summer
April 14, 2021

A sober episode of SLB

Royal Stimmy Wedding
March 19, 2021

Enjoy your 1400 as we discus shitting on the royal wedding, why you should or shouldn't feel oppressed, covid stuff, Ron Desantis a FL saint or total douchebag. 

Texas Cold Pocket Pussy
February 19, 2021

Want to not freeze to death? Move to Florida, we know a guy.On this episode of SLB we chat about the freeze storm destroying Texas and the rest of the US, VR sex and pocket pussies, watching twitch streamers sleep, Covid update, and a bunch of official-

Champa Bay the Weeknd!
February 11, 2021

Bucs destroy the Chiefs, Love or Hate the Weeknd Halftime Show, Covid update, and Fitness goals!

Stonks, Gamestop, Hedgefund goodness
February 01, 2021

Gamestop? Really?!?We had too many strong drinks and forgot to hit the publish button!!!!! Idiots, gosh!That's okay, we know you still love us.

January 15, 2021

TRUMPf is the GREATEST douchebag of all time!I'm still intoxicated whiel typing this so sorry, not sorry.HAPPY NEW YEAR and merry winter holidays! We SHARE our FIRST drink of 2021, chat about the siege on the capitol, twitters more powerful than god,