THE SOLSTICE Guided Meditation

May 05, 2023

THE SOLSTICE A Guided Meditation
ANCHOR POINTE, The Faith and Fitness Podcast
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Charlottte  (00:06):
This is the X B H S Radio Networ
Skip Orem (00:10):
From the Nashville Studios of the XBHS Radio Network, I'm Skip Orem, and this is The Anchor Pointe Podcast. Hi everybody. From Nashville, I'm Skip Orem, and welcome to The Solistice, the May 5th, 2023 episode of The Anchor Pointe Podcast. This entire episode today is a guided meditation session, especially designed to help you de-stress, relax, and prepare to enjoy the beautiful summer days ahead. Just a couple of quick announcements before we start the meditation session, which will start at the three-minute mark in the episode.
If you've already listened to these announcements, perhaps you are coming back to this guided meditation session to listen to it again. Go ahead right now then and skip to the three-minute mark. Everybody, we have just one more episode of The Anchor Pointe Podcast to go before we take a summer break until September. That last episode for this season will drop into your podcast feed next Friday, May 12th. We'll all take a summer break and then The Anchor Pointe Podcast will be back on Friday, September 22nd.
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Skip Orem:(03:00):
Guided Meditation Sesson -The Solstic
Skip Orem:(28:180)
If these Anchor Pointe guided meditation sessions are helpful for you, remember, all of the Anchor Pointe guided meditation sessions are available website. Just click on the audio burst page. Next Friday, May 12th, a new episode of The Anchor Pointe Podcast. For the XBHS Radio Network and for The Anchor Pointe Podcast, from Nashville, I'm Skip Orem. Bye everybody.