The Skelf Podcast by Mark Beldan: Episode Eight

October 20, 2020

This podcast accompanies the eighth in a quarterly series of exhibitions. 'no-longer-being-able-to-be-able' is an exhibition curated by Hang Li. It launched on October 21st 2020 and features the work of Babeworld (Ashleigh Williams and Georgina Tyson), Meech Boakye, Joshua Citarella, DANK Collective (Grant Bingham, Tori Carr, James D. Hopkins, Ian Williamson, and Zen Khalid), DIRD ( Zijing Zhao and Rui Shi), Emma Finn, Anna Frijstein, Max Grau, Mina Heydari-Waite, Sae Yeoun Hwang, Judit Kis, Simona Me., Donatella Della Ratta, Frankie Roberts, Geraldine Snell.

The exhibition will be on until January 2021, and archived on the site thereafter.

The podcast was written and presented by Mark Beldan and the featured music is by Cleaners From Venus, At Home With Myself:

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Protect & Survive 2.0 (2016) was made by Emma Finn, Mina Heydari-Waite and Francis Dosoo

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Sae Yeoun Hwang Sae Yeoun Hwang
Geraldine Snell  Geraldine Snell
Judit Kis Judit Kis
Anna Frijstein Anna Frijstein
Meech Boakye Meech Boakye
Frankie Roberts Frankie Roberts
Joshua Citarella Joshua Citarella
Emma Finn Emma Finn

Mina Heydari Waite Mina Heydari Waite
Babeworld  Babeworld
Max Grau Max Grau
Simona Me. Simona Me.