The Skelf Podcast by Mark Beldan: Episode Seven

July 21, 2020

This podcast accompanies the seventh in a quarterly series of exhibitions. 'Ways & Means' is an exhibition of new work by 19 artists selected from an open call, and made during the Coronavirus pandemic. It launched on July 22nd 2020 and features the work of Katrina Brown, Zoe Chronis, Kevin Claiborne, Sophie Cunningham, Evangelia Dimitrakopoulou, Ariel Dong, Laura Jost, John Lawrence, Leap Then Look, Elin Lindecrantz, Sam Meredith, Alisa Oleva, Tom Patel, Scott Pearce, Ania Ready, Sarah Roberts, Laura Rouzet, Kate Squires & Jenny Dunseath and Aidan Strudwick.

The exhibition will be on until October 20th 2020, and archived on the site thereafter.

The podcast was written and presented by Mark Beldan and the featured music is by Cleaners From Venus, At Home With Myself:

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