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Chronic Illness: Why We Don’t Talk About It and What Needs to Change
April 26, 2022 When you think about it, we talk about everything else. We talk about our families, our jobs, our vacations. But when it comes to chronic illness, we clam up. Why is t

Dennis Hurley: Actor, Advocate, and Albino – His life with albinism and info about the upcoming N.O.A.H. conference
April 20, 2022 Dennis Hurley is an actor, advocate, and albino. He has been living with albinism since birth and has spoken about his experiences in the media. Dennis will be partici

Why Your Man Spends So Much Time in the Bathroom
March 18, 2022 Urination is an important function of the body, but as men age it can become more difficult, time consuming, and frustrating. Urination may be painful, difficult, or i

Why Me? How Did I End Up Diagnosed with a Chronic Illness?
March 15, 2022 Hey everybody. It's Matt Cavallo from Situation Positive. I want to talk to you today about putting together the pieces of your chronic illness, where it might've come

What Drug Companies Don’t Want You to Know
March 14, 2022 Introduction: The high cost of prescription drugs Prescription drug prices have been increasing at alarming rates in recent years, leaving many people struggling to

I am not a Model
March 03, 2022 Hey everybody, it's Matt from Situation Positive and I'm not a t-shirt model, but I've been getting a lot of comments lately about the t-shirts I wear in my videos. An

Belly Fat and Chronic Illness Week 5
March 02, 2022 Hey everybody. It is Matt Cavallo and I'm checking in with you on my weight loss journey. Now last week ended our medical weight loss journey. That was the first month

What It’s Like to be Diagnosed with MS
March 01, 2022 I remember it like it was yesterday. It was May 2005. My wife just woke me up because she was going to work. She was a school counselor and she would leave a lot earli

Happy Rare Disease Day!
February 28, 2022 Hey everybody. It's Matt from Situation Positive, and I want to wish you all a Happy Rare Diseases Day! Did you know that across the world, there are more than 300 mil

How to anticipate stressful events
February 27, 2022 Hey everybody, it's Matt from Situation Positive. If you're living with a chronic illness, like I am, you know, that stress is the enemy. So what are some of the ways