EPISODE 77: Solidarity IS resistance – with special guests Congressman & DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison and Rev. Brian Ellison

April 01, 2018

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Keith Ellison on Twitter: @KeithEllison

DNC announces new IWillVote campaign to reach 50 million voters in 2018

Commit to vote in 2018:

This is the shirt Rev. Ellison wore during our interview:

Church of of the New Covenant - Detroit:

Jason Michael at Baptist Pastor Comes Under Fire for Officiating Same-Sex Wedding

The Good:
Jason Stein at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Gov. Scott Walker calls special elections; Senate chief drops bill to sidestep court order

Update on Teachers' strikes
Madison Park at CNN: Oklahoma approves teacher pay increase but union says it's not enough, walkout still on

Sean Rossman at USA TODAY: Teachers are striking all over. What is going on?

Valarie Honeycutt Spears & Mike Stunson at the Lexington-Herald Leader: ‘Drastic measures.’ Teachers stay home, districts cancel school after pension vote.

The Bad:
Be sure to read this entire Twitter thread:

Prachi Gupta at The Slot: The Department of Homeland Security Has Found a New, Horrific Way to Punish Immigrants

Ari Berman at Mother Jones: Trump Administration Creates Census Crisis With Move to Suppress Immigrant Responses

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell: Dingell Leads Letter Urging Administration to Reconsider Decision to Exclude MENA from 2020 Census

The Shrugly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯:
Jeffrey C. Mays at The New York Times: Laura Ingraham Takes a Week Off as Advertisers Drop Her Show

Alessia Grunberger at CNN: Ted Nugent calls Parkland survivors 'liars' and 'soulless' in interview

Jonathan Oosting at The Detroit News: