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Throwing Punches at the Traditional Wine World - Wine Culture with Miguel de Leon, Ep. 86
June 05, 2024

When you look at a restaurant's wine list, what do you see? Do you see equity, cultural and biodiversity, representation, affordability, fun?Our guest today believes all of that should be front and center on a wine list. Miguel de Leon hasmade a car

Our Top Tips For Visiting Napa Valley on a Budget, Ep. 85
May 22, 2024

The number one thing people always ask us is, can you do wine country on a budget?With the Napa Valley wine experience becoming more and more expensive, with wine tastings regularly costing upwards of $10, can you visitthis incredible wine mecca without

White Wine is In! The World Wine Guys Say So, Ep. 84
May 08, 2024

Is it time to turn to white wine? Wine drinkers are now choosing white wine more than red! Our guests, Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen, aka the World Wine Guys, are the perfect ambassadors for exploring the wide and delicious world of white wine.After al

Laura Catena - Catena Zapata #1 Vineyard in the World, Malbec, WHO and More! Ep. 83
April 24, 2024

On the podcast today, a wine friend so busy we can't believe she's made time to visit us again. And shes speaking to us from Mendoza, Argentina.Dr. Laura Catena is the managing director of one of the best known names in wine - Catena Zapata. Cat

Cork's Comeback, Sustainability and Eliminating TCA Yay! With Amorim Cork, Ep. 82
April 09, 2024

Weve become cork dorks! Thats right, while you may love the convenience and ease of screw caps, after todays pod, youll never think about cork stoppers the same way.Sure, cork has been used for centuries to seal wine bottles, and, you may know it com

Wine Words Matter - Meg Maker and A New Language for Wine - Ep. 81
March 20, 2024

Does wine speak make your eyes roll or glaze over? One of the most intimidating things about wine isn't about what's in your glass - it's the words used to describe it. Do tasting notes that allude to a pasture in Southern France, stewed plums

Along the Northern Sonoma Wine Road with Podcasters Marcy Gordon and Beth Costa, Ep. 77
March 06, 2024

Want to know the inside tracks, the backroads and the best bets of the Russian River Valley, Dry Creek Valley and Alexander Valley in northern Sonoma County? We got you!Our guests today co-host the popular, fun and informative award-winning podcast, The

Winemaker Aaron Lieberman's Secret for Making Wines Bloom at Willamette Valley's Iris Vineyards , Ep. 79
February 01, 2024

Meet winemaker Aaron Lieberman. All his life, Aaron's been volunteering and giving back, including a stint with the Peace Corp in Guatemala. Now he's tending vines and crafting fine wines at Iris Vineyards in the Willamette Valley, always with an

A Family Wine Affair at Livermore Valley's Omega Road Winery, Ep. 76
January 08, 2024

Here at Sip Sip Hooray! we are all about making wine approachable, sharing peeks behind the label of some of your favorite wines and helping you discover some new wines.For this episode the Marys are in Livermore Valley at Omega Road Winery. This is a w

Cheers to Our Sip Sip Hooray Top 12 Wine Holiday Gift Guide! Gifts for Every Budget and Last Minute Gifts.
December 15, 2023

We've made our list our list and we're checking it twice. Whether you're gifting the wine lovers in your life - or treating yourself, The Marys have got you covered! These are our top 12 picks - none of them sponsored so the list truly is all