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Self-Advocacy with Jennifer Mrozek Sukalo

May 31, 2023

We begin our first interview of this season on advocacy with Jennifer Mrozek Sukalo, author of “Claim Your Swagger,” a book all about regaining personal confidence.

This episode is a powerful exploration of self-advocacy, resilience, and the power of perseverance, featuring her inspiring journey through an early and short-lived toxic marriage and its aftermath.

Jennifer shares how her father’s astute observation of her personality change acted as a catalyst for her to reassess her life and circumstances. Delving deeper into her story, she explores the emotional and financial difficulties she faced during her divorce, a time that tested her survival instincts and resilience.

Lastly, she takes us through her personal inspiration and journey to writing “Claim Your Swagger.” We learn what the SW.A.G.G.E.R. acronym represents, and how she transformed her past experiences into a guiding light to help others.

Key Takeaways:
  • A mantra like “P to the Power of Three” can be a great reminder of the perseverance needed to overcome adversity.
  • It’s essential to pay attention to those close to us as they can act as mirrors, helping us see what we might not notice about ourselves.
  • Major life experiences, be they good or bad, can fundamentally change a person. But recognizing this change can lead to growth and self-improvement.
  • The process of writing can be therapeutic, and sharing personal experiences can help others who might be going through similar circumstances.

Join us in this enlightening episode to learn more about Jennifer’s inspiring journey and her insights on regaining personal confidence. 

Order your copy of Claim Your Swagger and connect with Jennifer Mrozek Sukalo directly by visitng her website at

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