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Simply Complicated

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This Week In: You A Mom Tho...
July 09, 2023

It's the outfit...You a Mom Tho.... Enjoy this special preview of something new coming to simply complicated in the upcoming season! Outro made by TheMCZX. To check out the rest of the squad, click th

The Reframe
July 08, 2023

The dust has settled, the end is near, and everything is going to get better. This weeks outro song is "Outro"by Dear SIlas off of his album "The Last Cherry Blossom". Please check out his latest a

The Meeting With Dominus King
June 19, 2023

2 Months....leading to this. This meeting changes everything... The rest of the squad is below... Please like, comment. share and subscribe!!! Give us some feedback we are always eager to listen! For

Welcome To The Silent Solar Syndicate
April 16, 2023

HI Simple Squad it is TheMCZX here! In this episode...I screwed up and the Silent Solar Syndicate are after me... I am going to figure this out, but I managed to record with Reezu where we discussed t

Volume 2: Cookies, Coke & Santa
March 17, 2023

HI Simple Squad it is TheMCZX here! It is a new episode of Simply Complicated where we do another round of am I the A-hole with the help of Reddit. O.D.D.I. took a nap and I am worried because...well

Volume 1: I Missed Therapy Because Of My Closet
February 26, 2023

HI There and welcome Simple Squad! O.D.D.I here and I bring to you a new episode! In this episode the boys discuss the aftermath of the Elimination Chamber, Hogwarts Legacy plus weirdos, and they join

The 2023 Elimination Chamber Prediction Episode!
February 18, 2023

This one is for the wrestling fans! Tonight, we witness the emotional elimination chamber PLE tonight! Before the show though, the returning Reezu Phoenix and MCZX make their predictions for tonight's

II. Ghost In The Shell 1995 - Retrospective and Thoughts
February 10, 2023

Greeting everyone O.D.D.I. here! New full length episodes will be coming out very soon. The schedule has been finalized! On this review...can we even call it that? MCZX gives his thoughts and reflects

TheMCZX Reviews The Royal Rumble 2023
January 30, 2023

Greeting everyone O.D.D.I. here! I wanted you all to have something to listen to while the squad figures out their schedules so they can get together and make more episodes. My solution: Make MCZX re

The Dedicate Dedicate!
January 11, 2023

The Boys are back in townnnnn shoutout to deadlock! The gang is all here with the return of TheBeardedBatman! The squad discusses O.D.D.I's the first and second community challenge: The creepypastas "