Simplify Your Retirement

Simplify Your Retirement

S3: Episode 11 – We Should Always Be Enjoying Life With Jonathan Dold, MBA

December 06, 2021

Being free to enjoy life in retirement is one of the missions of Wise Wealth. But you should be enjoying life all the time.

In this episode, Stephen Stricklin is joined by Jonathan Dold, a financial advisor at Wise Wealth. Jon is not retired, but he has been living the Wise Wealth mission of enjoying life for quite some time. He shares his background in finance, how he’s been enjoying life, and his experience with First Tee, a youth development golf organization that he is involved with.

Jon discusses:

  • Why he became a financial advisor
  • How he chooses to enjoy life
  • His experience with First Tee
  • What giving and serving means for organizations and those involved
  • And more

Connect With Jonathan Dold

Connect With Stephen Stricklin:

About Our Guest:

Jon’s ability to communicate openly and honestly with his clients makes him stand out from other advisors. He takes great pride as a financial advisor, empowering his clients with confidence as they look to the future.

By truly listening and understanding his clients’ unique situations, Jon gains a solid grasp of their goals and emotional behaviors when it comes to financial matters. From there, he is able to formulate a solid plan to get them where they want to go. As a fiduciary, he is committed to putting clients’ interests first, and strives to go above and beyond their expectations at every opportunity.