Simplify Complexity: Christian Relationship Advice & Help

Simplify Complexity: Christian Relationship Advice & Help

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Why Rush Into Marriage (LIVE)?
December 15, 2020

Is it a bad thing to rush into marriage? Marriage is one of the most important choices you will ever make? It’s because, who you choose to marry will impact you for the rest of your life. For those who make a wrong choice or marry prematurely it can br...

How to Avoid the Holiday Loneliness Blues
December 07, 2020

Holiday Loneliness is a real thing! There are singles who are challenged with loneliness throughout the year, and then there are singles who are very comfortable with their singleness. To understand that you don’t need a romantic partner to find fulfil...

How to Navigate Politics within a Relationship
November 16, 2020

In 2020 we saw one of the most contentious political environment in history. This has brought a major divide within our our country, and sadly within our homes. Many couples are experiencing intense communications breakdowns,

Opposite Attraction: The Good, Bad, & Ugly (LIVE)
October 21, 2020

Is opposite attraction something you should pay attention to? Hollywood has often sensationalize the idea of opposites attract. There’s a glamour and excitement that without it a relationship is dull. As exciting as it may be to date someone who is ver...

Equally Yoked: What does it mean and why it’s important
October 14, 2020

Should you care about being equally yoked when dating and getting married. The word equally yoked is a term that is often thrown around when people talk about marriage, but what exactly does it mean and is it something people should even pay attention ...

Agree to Disagree: Tips to Dealing with Relationship Arguments
October 02, 2020

In relationships you are bound to have disagreements, but what do you do with them? When you take two different people who were raised differently you are bound to have disagreements. A disagreement is when two people have differing view points.

Confidence Building Tips for Asking Someone Out
September 21, 2020

Have you ever desired to ask someone out, but struggled to build the confidence to do it? If you’ve ever lacked confidence to ask someone out, you are not alone. All people of different backgrounds have found themselves intimidated in one way or anothe...

How to Navigate Differing Parenting Styles (when separated)
September 14, 2020

Co-parenting is hard. It requires working together and communication. In part one we shared tips to help couples navigate different parenting styles, but how do you work with a person where you difference drew you a part?

How to Navigate Differing Parenting Styles (when married)
September 04, 2020

What do you when how you want to raise your child differs from your spouse? Everyone has an opinion on how to raise children, but what happens when those opinions differ when you’re married? How do you work through the challenge of having differing par...

Flirtatious Advancements: How to handle them while in a relationship.
August 10, 2020

How do you handle flirtatious advancements towards you or your partner? It can be flattering to have someone flirt with you. It can make someone feel attractive or even wanted, but not all advancements are wanted or appropriate.