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The Ten Lost Tribes Part 7
September 01, 2019

The 10 Lost Tribes Part 6
September 01, 2019

What does the Crest of Northern Ireland tell us about our history? Who was Gauthalus and what did he start. The Gaulic language. - In this episode, we are going to trace the tribe of Gauthalus and the many names he gave us across Europe.

Interview with Gene Porter 2730 Years and counting.
September 01, 2019

Despite the fact that he lives and works in Canada, Joseph Dumond (of fame) is incredibly occupied with bringing Torah and the two-house understanding to numerous nations in the Far East.  He has seen that the reuniting of the two stick...

Nehemia Gordon Interview 2019 – 2300 Days of Hell
May 22, 2019

At Sukkot 2018, in Jerusalem, Joe had the opportunity to sit down and discuss with his longtime friend Nehemia Gordon what is coming in the very near future and how it is all laid out in Joseph's book the 2300 Days of Hell.

Burundi Interview with Bishop Telesphore
September 18, 2017

At the end of 6 day long weekend in Burundi Africa from August 30 until Sept 4, 2017, we grabbed Bishop Telesphore and his lead Pastor Daimond and sat them down to talk with us so we could share it with you.

Iranian Missile Launch, Changes Everything
June 27, 2017

Iran fired half-a-dozen ballistic missiles from domestic bases that hit Islamic State targets deep in Syria.  The reason given was to avenge the Islamic State's recent suicide attacks on the Iranian Parliament. - Israel is right next door to Syria.

The Law in Colossians
June 23, 2017

What is the truth about Colossians? What really was nailed to the Cross? What are these ordinances that were nailed there? What is that partition Yehshua tore down? Get ready to learn more truths and then once you understand the truth you can then deci...

The 10 Lost Tribes Part 5
June 23, 2017

In this episode of the Ten Tribes, we are going to look at the Trojan line that and one of them is Brutus the first king of Britain. Brutus was a descendant of the sons of Zerah who left Egypt after the death of Joseph. -

The 10 Lost Tribes Part 4
June 13, 2017

In this podcast, we will look at the Camp of Israel which similar to the description of the Cherubim. We are also going to look at the founding of Athen and Greece by the Argos who came from Egypt and were the Children of Israel who were fleeing Egypt ...