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Top 10 Tips: Moving Siblings into College
August 19, 2019

Sam and Josh cover moving each other into college and how to make it easy! With these tips, moving your sibling into college will be a piece of cake!

Recap: Family Dinner
July 09, 2019

So, you heard about a "typical" family dinner, now you can listen to a recap. Find out why Josh is a "dimwit", Sam is a "bad person,"  josh just got burned, and our "eda-mommy: made a guest appearance... All in all, it was a ~josh~ dinner!

Family Dinner
June 16, 2019

Ever think your family dinners are stressful when you go out to a restaurant? Well, listen to our treacherously funny night out on the town. Listen to this with your family on the way to dinner for some good relatable content. 

Sibling Summers
June 09, 2019

Just two sibs sipping on all things summers... #camp #10monthsfor2 #campfood #summer #internships

Josh's Birthday Special: May 24, 2019
May 24, 2019

Happy Birthday Josh!! On this May 24th, Josh and Sam laugh about Josh's past birthday peaks and pits... Listen to see if you've had similar experiences! 

Siblings in College
February 23, 2019

College is fun! exciting! new! but not when it messes with siblings ... Sam and Josh talk about how college affected their relationship.

Sibling Dynamics
January 14, 2019

Just two sibs sipping on all things sibling dynamics.