Shut Up I Love It

Shut Up I Love It

EP 35 - STRANGERS WITH CANDY with Amanda Sitko

March 03, 2020

Amanda Sitko is a TV Writer (BROCKMIRE) and a veteran performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater. She credits STRANGERS WITH CANDY as her major comedy influence and prefers those people who've seen it/loved it to those who haven't. The discussion opens up to all things High School... including growing up in Siberia, where comedy was almost as rare as women behind the wheel. CW: we also discuss the use of derogatory terms in Film and TV, as well as the phenomenon aptly coined by another great comedian as "sexy autism."

Then, we recommend Andy Samberg's comedy vehicle HOT ROD, the 2002 classic Kung Pow! Enter The Fist and filing for bankruptcy (that is, if you fit the bill).

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