Shut Up I Love It

Shut Up I Love It

EP 23 - THE OFFSPRING with Scott Tammel

December 10, 2019

Comedian/dear-ish friend Scott Tammel sits down with Sasha and Steven to defend THE OFFSPRING, a punk rock-ish band that's somehow NOT on "Rolling Stone's Readers' Poll: The Ten Worst Bands of The Nineties."

Speaking of polls, did Scott actually hold a double-blind study on whether THE OFFSPRING sucks? Does Sasha question the lead man Dexter Holland's PhD? How good is Scott's Pauly Shore impression? Listen to find out.

Also, Sasha and Steven recommend the film BOOKSMART (2019) and the Finnish standup comedian Ismo's take on "Ass: The Most Confusing Word In The English Language." Finally, Scott and Steven go over a bunch of celebrity sightings at Hollywood's Gold's gym.

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