Shut The Fear Up w/ Marie

Shut The Fear Up w/ Marie

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Chapter 34 Birthday Goals!
March 26, 2020

Let’s run together! I am the friend that wants to be in the ring too! I have to keep challenging and stretching myself to feel alive and this year my personal Shut the Fear Up Challenge has me nauseous and feeling weak at times!

I am brave! No matter what it looks like!
February 11, 2019

This is how you #ShutTheFearUp! Sometimes things can be so dark where you are that it’s hard to see where you really want to be! Challenge your present circumstance with your words and your thoughts!

Admit it! I need you and you need me.
February 10, 2019

You don’t have to do it alone. I didn’t have many successful models of what healthy partnerships/relationships looked like in my life, but I have experienced some amazing ones in the past few years. It only happened when I chose to accept “help” and suppo

February 08, 2019

Who am I becoming? Whoever my dreams need me to be! John Maxwell says that our dreams come a size to big so we can grow into them...... I had the honor of hosting a vision board event for Keena Lampkins of Four Friends Fitness in Jacksonville, Fl. Here ar

I am SO POWERFUL! #ShutTheFearUp
February 07, 2019

If you really knew how powerful you were you would be further along. I know it to be true because after listening to Nikita Littlejohn I know that I am leaving some of my power on the table!

Shut the Fear Up! You are enough!
February 06, 2019

We are DONE! Enough with the loser thoughts. Enough with the negative self talk. Enough with the agreements you have made with this ridiculous idea. You ARE ENOUGH! God/The Universe/Creation is waiting for you to agree with that. You wouldn’t b

Tune in for the State of OUR MINDSET! I am #UNBOTHERED
February 05, 2019

I can’t be bothered! You really can’t be either. We all have 24 hrs in a day and with that gift we need to #ShutTheFearUp and figure out ways to simplify life and develop systems and relationships that will support our dreams! Tune in! This podcast is s

I’m unbreakable! #ShutTheFearUp
February 04, 2019

You are not our circumstances so stop identifying so intimately with them. The mission is to add value to yourself, to build yourself up! So you cannot be broken friend! You are not broken by what you have been through. #ShutTheFearUp! You are shatterproo

Close Enough to Destroy Me: I’m Vulnerable
February 03, 2019

Protecting myself is too much work with little return on investment. Instead I choose to be vulnerable. Rather it’s vulnerability by pain or joy, I choose to be exposed with all of the emotions that make it easy for someone to really do some emotional dam

I’m not a Yes Girl! I’m Selective!
February 02, 2019

We need to love ourselves soooo much that we have NO problem being selective and definite in our daily actions. We need to value our dreams and our purpose so much that we have NO problem say no when we need to and YES when we need to! People we be more c