The Next F*ckin Level show

The Next F*ckin Level show

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Ep #4 - A Kanye Guide to Dating
June 15, 2020

Disclaimer: Not an entire way to learn how to get yourself a Kim K or a date with Kanye or Ray J or whatever. This episode marks a fundamental shift on the podcast. I'm listening to Young Thug x Rich Homie as I write this because well...this is the lifest

Ep #3 - From $ to $$$. A verbal compendium
April 20, 2020

How in the world do you make money? What do you need to do to get lucky like the limited few who seem to always get it right? Turns out it's something that anybody and everybody can do. Find out in this episode, what information you solely need to succeed

Ep # 2 - Necessity : The mother of Invention.
April 05, 2020

Welcome to Episode 2!  My very special guest today is related to the title. She is my mother! There is no one else better to have as a guest to my podcast than the person who it is named after. I've watched this amazing lady do what many could not. I

Ep #1 - Welcome to SHS
March 28, 2020

In this world, it's difficult to trust. People claim to know or do things and quite often disappoint. Trust requires having faith in someone and I choose to trust you, my listener with my personal life so that in turn, you too can trust me. In this episod