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Short Stack

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Aaron Doolittle
May 20, 2020

Aaron is a prolific LA based filmmaker with a knack for short films which straddle the border between bittersweet and humorous. He's made 24 films, and shares with me some of his tried Truths of filmmaking.

Sedrick Amar II
April 20, 2020

Sedrick Amar II is the writer and director of Blood on the Screenplay.

Stella Rosalie Rosen
April 07, 2020

Stella Rosalie Rosen is an animator known for her trancelike short films. She is the writer, director, animator and composer of Red Flower, and Shell, as well as several music videos and a documentary. You can find her work here (https://stella-rosen.weeb

Roth Rind
March 31, 2020

Roth Rind is the director of This Is Fine and Christmas Tradition, as well as several other shorts, music videos and commercials. He is drawn to stories which are "Sci-Fi adjacent."

Mason Greer
March 28, 2020

Mason Greer is the writer and director of our main film this evening, Through The Night. He made it with the goal of creating a thriller boiled down to the simplest story possible: two people hiding from a disease-inflicted apocalypse wondering what they