Short Family & Home Topics

Short Family & Home Topics

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Are You prepared for a disaster?
February 23, 2019

Let’s talk about what things we need to be thinking about ahead of time so that we can stay safe and well if a disaster happens.

Love the Ones Around You
February 14, 2019

It is so important to maintain the relationships in our lives! Let’s visit this in today’s episode.

How To Entertain
February 12, 2019

Don’t let entertaining be stressful. Go with it and have fun!

Throw Out The Junk
February 08, 2019

Let’s talk about decluttering our homes!

Cooking Doesn't Have to Be Complicated
February 06, 2019

Let's talk about some tips and tricks to make cooking easier and to reduce some stress. 

The Perfect Parent?
February 05, 2019

Do you need to be a perfect parent to be a good parent?

Is the disorder in your home driving you crazy?
February 04, 2019

Let’s talk about some ways to make our home a little bit more organized without all off the disorder.

Do you need to be healthy to take care of your family?
February 02, 2019

Let’s take care of ourselves! It is beneficial to our families, for us to be happy.

My Project
February 01, 2019

I go into detail about “The Plan” I have created to help run my home as smoothly as possible. It’s a passion of mine to help as many families as possible with this plan.

Having Positive Energy in Our Homes
January 31, 2019

Kristen shares some scary feelings in her life and talks about what we can do to bring ourselves out of a gloomy mood.