Shooter Eden _4

Shooter Eden _4

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This is our introduction into Journals of different ways that one bad choice can lead to
August 17, 2020

This first journal is going to be a two part episode on how when you are a teenager and you want to rebelling change his life and now his son is the same age as he was when he didn’t speak and tried to be a adult early

Patently awaiting Billy Love
April 29, 2020

Getting ready to do this next podcast with him because we are going to remember our brother Mark Pain who said K-Town ain’t shit and Billy Love ME

Promoting my novels
April 29, 2020

This is about my novels that are going to come out this week and I will let the world know bye my podcast

Something new for today
April 17, 2020

Hanging with The Hellrazor John Arden today

I’m just saying hey and telling everyone that my novels are coming out
April 08, 2020

Yes my novels ate coming out now so I’m going to say this first and it’s that I would love to thank The Town of Lyerly volunteer fire fighters yes all three of you Robert,Justin,and Kenth Thompson and y’all are going to that you did but Justin you’re the

Where THE BROTHERS EDEN WANT To AIR all of the glory days of when we had Some Stupid Fucker
April 06, 2020

Well anyway in this episode I truly reveal myself and it shouldn’t be a secret anyway because all I have is time now.But I’m saying this up front for Skull and them sin city pussies if you hear this and want to show me what is what fell free find me on he

Me getting ready to go to work on these novels
April 06, 2020

And since I have got got the chance maybe I can make you laugh look for Majestic Legendary Liars and the cities or towns they inhabit

WrestleMania update also just a little bit of Mr.Informal’s options
April 05, 2020

Really just sit back and enjoy the story you are receiving in this episode

JustINFormal makes his debut before his first podcast later on to come it’s his insight Wreslemania
April 05, 2020

Just go ahead and listen to this podcast because you will have seen the world of sports in a very different way!!!

Game play and another football game that is out here to be played!!!
April 04, 2020

It’s just my take& option of Maximum football 2018...