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Finding Purpose After Sudden Loss
February 20, 2024

Imagine your significant other dies unexpectedly from a heart attack. In the midst of grief, you must find the resilience to go on while raising children and deciding how to move ahead professionally.

Has This Startup Vet Created the TikTok of Live Fashion Events?
February 13, 2024

Named one of Inc. magazines top 100 female founders to watch, Maggie Adhami-Boynton is well-versed in the pivots required for an early-stage company to morph into a viable, scalable business. A 15-y

This Woman Is Raising a Venture Capital Fund, Solo!
February 06, 2024

Kimberley Nixon tells it like it is. Yes, she is a Los Angelesbased venture capitalist and the founder and managing partner of . Yes, she is passionate about increasing access to investment for women

Breaking Down Barriers: Women’s Representation in the Music Industry
January 30, 2024

If youre feeling stuck in your pursuit of success in the music industry despite all the hard work and effort youre putting in youre not alone! Karla Ortiz, founder of , delves into her struggles

Transforming Women’s Health and Racial Equity
January 23, 2024

Ever wondered how one woman can impact racial wealth and investment equity as well as advancements in womens health? In two decades, Erika Seth Davies transitioned from a career in development and fu

How a Global Perspective Helped Pauline Idogho Create Her Business
October 26, 2023

From Nigeria to London to Paris to the United States, Pauline Idoghos journey has taken her on a whirlwind tour of different cultures and experiences. But its her ability to adapt to change that has

From Biomedical Engineer to Baby-Feeding Startup CEO
October 24, 2023

Becoming a parent is a seismic pivot in itself. Add the societal pressure to breastfeed with virtually no support and sleepless nights and you have a rocky six months. But it doesnt need to be th

Kenya Duke’s Divorce and Financial Empowerment
October 17, 2023

Divorce is a life pivot that touches many, and it can be civil or act as a wrecking ball. You may know Kenya Duke from her BET+ show The Gary Owen Show, with her now ex-husband and their three childre

From Army Vet to Spa Creator
October 10, 2023

Have you ever considered opening a spa, but the number of unknowns stopped you? Not Crystal Bethea, founder and CEO of , who pivoted from Army veteran to licensed massage therapist, cosmetologist, an

How a Heart Attack Changed This Ph.D.’s Life — for the Better
October 03, 2023

Imagine rising through the ranks of the Federal government for three decades until one day a sudden heart attack forced you to reevaluate your life priorities. , is an Army veteran, former U.S. Postal