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The She Said Project Podcast

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Episode 42: Visiting with Arlene Hosea of Bloomington, IL and her story, “I Am Somebody”
June 24, 2022

Hosts Jenette and Kerry are excited to welcome guest Arlene Hosea, who appeared in the 2021 show in Bloomington, IL. With her story, "I Am Somebody," Arlene shares how this powerful lesson from her grandmother gave her the strength to shine, no matter the

Episode 41: Visiting with Julie A. Pryde of Champaign, IL, and her story, “After School Special”
June 17, 2022

In our first episode of Season 5, hosts Jenette Jurczyk and Kerry Rossow are back live in the studio with their hilarious guest, Julie A. Pryde. In her story, Julie shared how her small town life had all the makings of an "After School Special", and she s

Bonus Episode: Visiting with Nevaeh Essien and Izzy Gonzales about their experiences in “That’s What Teens Say”
August 27, 2021

In this special bonus episode, hosts Kerry and Jenette talk about the power of sharing stories...for teen girls! Nevaeh and Izzy share their experiences from the program and catch us up on how they continue to be bold and brave and share their unique voic

Episode 40: Visiting with Amber Cook of Bloomington, IL, and her story, “My Fairytale Life”
August 20, 2021

We've all seen those women who look perfect and seemingly have it all together. In "My Fairytale Life," Amber Cook dismantles the facade and reveals to hosts Jenette and Kerry some of the less-than-glamorous truths of womanhood.

Episode 39: Visiting with Marie Hale of Chicago, IL, and her story “Red Lipstick and Resilience”
August 13, 2021

Marie opened the first virtual show in 2020 with her story "Red Lipstick and Resilience." Now, she shares with hosts Kerry and Jenette the tragic events she survived to build a life, a company, and a family for her daughter, and how she inspires other wom

Episode 38:Visiting with Barbara Hedlund of Urbana, IL, and her story “A Rippling Effect”
August 06, 2021

When Barbara Hedlund shared her story, "A Rippling Effect," on stage back in 2020, she earned the nickname "Badass Babs." Now she reflects on events of her past as a professional cello player and how she paved the way for women to be treated fairly in the

Episode 37: Visiting with Valencia Wilson of Gurnee, IL, and her story, “A Lost Wish”
July 30, 2021

Have you ever had one of those moments when you realize that everyone around you grew up knowing something that somehow you missed? On this week's episode, Valencia Wilson shares with our hosts the story behind "A Lost Wish," a story that she shared on th

Episode 36: Visiting with Angi Franklin of Urbana, IL, and her story, “Unplanned and Unwritten”
July 23, 2021

Hosts Kerry and Jenette struggle to keep a straight face while visiting with their guest, Angi Franklin, in this week's episode. Angi had the audience rolling in the aisles during her 2020 performance of "Unplanned and Unwritten."

Episode 35: Visiting with Cobey Flynn in Barcelona, Spain, and her story, “The Fine Print”
July 16, 2021

This week we visit with Cobey Flynn, the first international She Said Speaker! Cobey chats with Kerry and Jenette about sharing her story in the 2020 virtual event, "She Said Story Sharing Showcase," when she joined the cast from her home in Barcelona, Sp

Episode 34: Visiting with Sally K. Carter of Champaign, IL, and her story, “My Strength To Let Go”
July 09, 2021

Sally K. Carter shared her personal journey with M.S. in her story, "My Strength to Let Go." Kerry and Jenette check in with Sally about her powerful performance in the live show in February 2020, and how she overcomes her diagnosis each and every day.