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The She Said Project Podcast

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Episode 60: Visiting with Holly Melby of Champaign, IL and her story, “The Other Side of the Door”
December 16, 2022

Season six wraps up with our guest Holly Melby, who appeared on stage in Champaign in 2022. Holly tells Jenette and Kerry about the biggest decision she ever made in her life in her story, "The Other Side of the Door." 

Episode 59: Visiting with Jennifer Hays Schottland of Bloomington-Normal, IL and her story, “Level Up”
December 09, 2022

Our hosts, Kerry and Jenette, welcome back Jennifer Hays Schottland to learn why she came back to tell her story "Level Up" in Bloomington 2022, after first appearing on stage in Champaign in 2014.

Episode 58: Visiting with Angela Baio of Lehigh Valley, PA and her story, “How One Ballet Class Changed My Life
December 02, 2022

Our guest today is Angela Baio, another woman who braved the microphone at the inaugural Thats What She Said presented by the Junior League of the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania in March 2022, with a wonderful story of her three-year-old self taking a pos

Episode 57: Visiting with Deb Frank Feinen and Julia Rietz of Champaign, IL and their story, “A Mayor & A State’s Attorney Walk Onto a Stage”
November 25, 2022

Some special guests joined our hosts to share a sneak peek into the women behind the titles. Mayor Deb Frank Feinen and State's Attorney Julia Rietz share some career highlights and struggles, as well as how they find solace and support in friendship, as

Episode 56: Visiting with Sheri Smith of Bloomington-Normal, IL and her story, “Code Red”
November 18, 2022

In today's episode Sheri Smith from the Bloomington, IL 2021 show joins Kerry and Jenette in the studio to discuss her story, "Code Red". The ladies talk about how Sheri's life has changed since the show, and how she continues to embrace life and loss wit

Episode 55: Arnitria Karen Shaw “Who Do You Think You Are?”
November 11, 2022

Arnitria Karen Shaw shared her story "Who Do You Think You Are?" in the first That's What She Said Show in Peoria IL in March of 2022. Jenette and Kerry talk to Dr. Arnitria about her choice to share her story as an open letter about family to her father.

Episode 54: Visiting with Taylor Clay and her story, “Penguin Crossing”
November 04, 2022

Taylor Clay visited with hosts Kerry and Jenette to chat about her story, "Penguin Crossing," from the 2022 show in Champaign, IL. She shares how disability impacts her daily life and how she has embraced the taunt that haunted her in elementary school.

Episode 53: Visiting with Lauren Wellbank and her story, “By The Numbers”
October 28, 2022

This episode'sguest shared her story onstage at Cedar Crest College in March of 2022 at the first That's What She Said atLehigh Valley. Lauren Wellbank shared candidly and openly about her personal experience with domestic violence, using statistics to

Episode 52: Visiting with Meta Mickens-Baker and her story, “TRI-umph”
October 21, 2022

Jenette and Kerry welcome Meta Mickens-Baker to chat about her story "TRI-umph," from the 2021 show in Bloomington-Normal, IL. Meta's journey to becoming an athlete is funny, heart-warming and inspirational.  The She Said Project Podcast is recorded in p

Episode 51: Visiting with Nashla Vega Zamora and her story, “Leave It Better Than You Found It”
October 14, 2022

In our first episode of season six, hosts Jenette Jurczyk and Kerry Rossow are back in the studio with their inspirational guest, Nashla Vega Zamora, from the Champaign She Said cast of 2022. They discuss the challenges involved in immigrating to the Unit