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The She Said Project Podcast

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Episode 70: Visiting with Mary Catherine Roberson of Danville, IL and her story, “Believing the Hype.”
September 08, 2023

Season Seven wraps with Kerry and Jenette fan-girling over Mary Catherine Roberson and her story, "Believing the Hype." We can all relate to Mary Catherine's journey to overcoming imposter syndrome and stepping into her confidence.   

Episode 69: Visiting with Danielle Martorana of Bloomington, IL and her story, “I Am.”
September 01, 2023

Danielle recounts her story "I Am' from her performance onstage in Bloomington-Normal in the fall of 2022 and shares her deep connection with the empowering work that Kerry and Jenette bring to life on the She Said Stage.

Episode 68: Visiting with Heidi Esther and her story “Sleepless in Champaign”
August 25, 2023

Heidi Esther joins our hosts Kerry and Jenette for some laughter, some reflection, and some serious joy. In her story, "Sleepless in Champaign" Heidi told the audience in Champaign, IL about the fears and doubts she faced on her wedding night.

Episode 67: Visiting with Jacquelyn Monroe of Champaign, IL and her story, “I Dream of Jacquelyn.”
August 18, 2023

Kerry and Jenette check in with Jacquelyn Monroe, who shared her story on our virtual Story Sharing Showcase series in 2020. Jacquelyn described how her journey to motherhood helped her face her life choices and set her on a path to healing.

Episode 66: Visiting with Hannah Landis of Danville, IL and her story, “The Big Fail.”
August 11, 2023

In "The Big Fail," Hannah Landis shared her experiences on stage in Danville, IL in March 2023. In the studio, Hannah, Jenette and Kerry get into a riveting discussion about the history of women's health and motherhood.   

Episode 65: Visiting with Elizabeth MacPhail of Bloomington, IL and her story, “According to the Shoulds.”
August 04, 2023

Elizabeth MacPhail has to come to terms with her life choices and find her own truth in her funny, but poignant story, "According to the Shoulds." She chats with Jenette and Kerry about the experience of sharing her story on stage in Bloomington in the fa

Episode 64: Visiting with Shandra Summerville of Champaign, IL and her story, “Amusement Parks with Broke Best Friends.”
July 28, 2023

Shandra Summerville joins hosts Kerry and Jenette live in the studio to share more details about her story "Amusement Parks with Broke Best Friends," from the 2023 show in Champaign. As the daughter of two well-known local educators, Shandra reflects on h

Episode 63: Visiting with Ja’Naea Modest of Danville, IL and her story, “Live Your Life.”
July 21, 2023

Ja'Naea Modest appeared on stage in the inaugural performance of "That's What She Said" in Danville, IL. In her story "Live Your Life," she shares with our hosts how her mother's words continue to resonate in her life.

Episode 62: Visiting with Ray Hatch of Bloomington, IL and her story, “W.I.M.A.W.W.”
July 14, 2023

Jenette and Kerry visit with Ray Hatch, who coined her title of "W.I.M.A.W.W." during her performance onstage in Bloomington in 2022. Laughter abounds as the three ladies share "well-intentioned" stories.

Episode 61: Visiting with Jaya Kolisetty of Urbana, IL and her story “What are you?”
July 07, 2023

In our first episode of season seven, hosts Jenette Jurczyk and Kerry Rossow return to the the studio to speak with Jaya Kolisetty, from the That's What She Said Champaign cast of 2022. Jaya reflects on her life as an Indian American in her story "What Ar