The She Said Project Podcast

The She Said Project Podcast

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Episode 50: Visiting with Dr. Lauren Miller of St. Louis, MO and her story, “My Favorite Students”
August 19, 2022

Dr. Lauren Miller is an outstanding educator, who learned that her "Favorite Students" are not the typical students you would think of.  Hosts Jenette and Kerry enjoy hearing from Dr. Miller who appeared on stage in the first That's What She Said show in

Episode 49: Visiting with Elizabeth R. Ortiz and her story, “To Scale: Reframing Our Relationship with Our Bodies”
August 12, 2022

Jenette and Kerry are excited to introduce our first guest from Allentown, PA, where the Junior League of Lehigh Valley launched That's What She Said in March 2022. They have a meaningful discussion with Elizabeth R. Oritz and her mission to change how wo

Episode 48: Visiting with Katie Kim of Peoria, IL and her story, “Constructing Katie Kim”
August 05, 2022

Katie Kim shares all the rises and falls of building her business and raising her family in Peoria IL, when she chats with Jenette and Kerry about her story, "Constructing Katie Kim."

Episode 47: Visiting with Rhoda Banks of St. Louis, MO and her story, “The Rhoda Experience”
July 29, 2022

Hosts Jenette and Kerry get "The Rhoda Experience" when they chat with Rhoda Banks who appeared on stage in the first That's What She Said show in St. Louis, MO.

Episode 46: Visiting with Nikki Romain and her story “Unapologetically Me”
July 22, 2022

Nikki Romain co-produced the first ever "That's What She Said" in her community of Peoria, IL and visits with Jenette and Kerry to talk about that experience, as well as sharing her own story that night, "Unapologetically Me."

Episode 45: Visiting with Joan Zernich and her story “Just Ask Joan”
July 15, 2022

Joan shares her wisdom and zest for life in her story, "Just Ask Joan."  Jenette and Kerry are happy to catch up with Joan and soak in some of the vibrant energy she shared on stage in That's What She Said 2022 in Champaign, IL.

Episode 44: Visiting with Uma Kailasam and her story “Icebreaker”
July 08, 2022

Uma Kailasam shared her story "Icebreaker" onstage in Bloomington, IL, where she lives every day with the awareness that her skin color makes it more challenging for her and her family to fit it.

Episode 43: Visiting with Jenny Pratt and her story “Nary a Squary”
July 01, 2022

Jenny Miller Pratt appeared in the 2020 Virtual She Said Story Sharing Showcase, before becoming a That's What She Said Producer in St. Louis, MO.  In her story, "Nary a Squary," she shares her marathon effort to honor her parents, in spite of her sticky

Episode 42: Visiting with Arlene Hosea of Bloomington, IL and her story, “I Am Somebody”
June 24, 2022

Hosts Jenette and Kerry are excited to welcome guest Arlene Hosea, who appeared in the 2021 show in Bloomington, IL. With her story, "I Am Somebody," Arlene shares how this powerful lesson from her grandmother gave her the strength to shine, no matter the

Episode 41: Visiting with Julie A. Pryde of Champaign, IL, and her story, “After School Special”
June 17, 2022

In our first episode of Season 5, hosts Jenette Jurczyk and Kerry Rossow are back live in the studio with their hilarious guest, Julie A. Pryde. In her story, Julie shared how her small town life had all the makings of an "After School Special", and she s