Shawn and Cyd

Shawn and Cyd

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Shhhhh!! Alexa is probably recording your nonsense!
May 27, 2021

Call her what you want, but that spy named ‘Alexa” is being accused of some covert activity! So, what could be exposing your house to her big ears? We chat about that today plus, what happens with makeup after masks come off,

Married but still vacay with an Ex? Wait? What?
May 19, 2021

So, as the divorce between Billionaire Bill Gates and wife Melinda is peeled back, there is a revelation that Bill was “allegedly” allowed to take a vacation each year with his ex girlfriend! We are blown away this can even be a a thing! Oh,

Who’s up for a little “Gramping”?
May 02, 2021

After a long Covid year where grandparents and grandkids had to be separated, a new travel craze called “gramping” has emerged! We get into this awesome idea, and we share a few ideas of our own around men and plastic surgery, Madonna’s very, very,

Inside the show “Undercover Boss” with a pizza boss-babe!
April 20, 2021

She knew she was too tall and her voice too familiar, but Donatos Pizza president, Jane Grote Abell, handled her “Undercover Boss” assignment like a BOSS! We go inside the show and inside the life of a woman who grew up loving all things pizza!

Older women are “birthin”? Wait until you hear!
April 07, 2021

Not judging mind you, but can you imagine giving birth in your late 50’s or much older? (Guys…this is not for you to respond to!) We talk about the latest older mom plus, the vaccine freebies available, the vaccine scammers preying on people,

WE found some pretty gross things in food and so did YOU!
April 01, 2021

So there you are just opening a can of asparagus (no judgement) and lo and behold you see some bloody gauze! Disgusting! We share our stories and so do you, plus we talk about the stress of job loss and trying to sleep, Covid bad smells,

How many marriages are too many marriages? RED FLAG ALERT!
March 14, 2021

Two, three, four, five, many marriages are too many?? This podcast we talk about that, and why you are sabotaging your productivity, the spring fashions you might need, what your face symmetry says about you,

“The Talk” and how NOT to have it! (That would be Shawn’s way!)
March 06, 2021

Tough conversations are hard to have for sure, but the birds and the bees talk with Cydney was about 14 years too late! When and how do you tackle that tough chat is just one fun moment in today’s podcast! We also talk about how to have a virtual sprin...

Give up “nookie” for a year to travel now? Hmmm…See ya!
March 01, 2021

How badly do you want to travel freely right now? Trivago had an interesting poll and many would give up sex for a year to go somewhere now! Cyd won’t answer the question, but Shawn says you don’t miss what you don’t have!

Catfishing is NOT OK! Especially when your photo is used!
February 17, 2021

Before you send $ to that super model who says they love you online but you have never actually talked to or seen them, you might want to stop and listen to this podcast! Today we chat Catfishing, whether love at first sight is real,