Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring

Latest Episodes

S1E24 - Bi Visibility Day 2020 - Bisexuality in the lifestyle
September 23, 2020

Interview with bedhoppers

S1E23 - Sharing with more and where have we been?
August 16, 2020

Crossover with bed hoppers discussing the major development in our lives

S1E22 - Swinging From Home
May 06, 2020

Keeping up with the lifestyle while on lockdown

S1E21 - Public Displays of Affection
February 23, 2020

When on dates in public places or at vanilla events, whats your view on public displays of affection/interaction outside your couple? How do some people react?

S1E20 - Interview with a Unicorn
January 21, 2020

Getting to know Mew better

S1E19 - 2019 - The year in review
December 30, 2019

With bonus French swinging vocabulary

S1E18 - Drinking too much at a Killing Kittens Hedonism party
December 18, 2019

Being Submissive, going back to Rios and dealing with rude people

S1E17 - Being Sexual while living with Vaginismus
November 20, 2019

An interview with Ramona about living with Vaginismus

S1E16 - Swinging Without Swinging - What happens when you can't play?
October 29, 2019

Our experience swinging when we couldn't play.

S1E15 - Bisexual Visibility Day
September 23, 2019

Crossover with Bedhoppers for Bi Visibility Day