Share and Care Time

Share and Care Time

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Share and Care Time S1Ep6 - RESPECT
February 26, 2019

 Today my new Episode #6 talks about the word RESPECT! A lot of us have heard  to remember “the golden rule.” Treat others the way you would like to be treated.” Learning to utilize this saying throughout our lives does mean we are intentional w

Share and Care Time S1Ep5 - Patience
February 19, 2019

Today our episode is about the word patience. Sometimes it’s hard to wait patiently and not get angry or upset. I hope you enjoy this episode and try to show patience to someone and be patient.  An anonymous quote sums it up pretty well:   

Share and Care Time S1Ep4 - Friendship
February 12, 2019

Friendship: Caring for and trusting others - It's the opportunity to support or encourage another person without expecting anything in return. And, you value them :)  --- Support this podcast:

Share and Care Time S1Ep3 - I choose to be Kind
February 05, 2019

 Welcome to my 3rd episode- I choose to be kind! Being kind and showing kindness sometimes can be easy, and sometimes challenging.  In this episode, you will be given ideas on how you can show kindness and be kind.  For example, just smilin

Share and Care time S1Ep2 - I Choose to Care
January 28, 2019

Welcome to my 2nd Episode – I choose to care! Hope you are having a fantastic week. It has been very cold here, and hard to get motivated to go out and do anything! BUT, today I am writing you because I care for you and I want to share some of my thoughts

Share and Care Time S1Ep1 - I Like to Share
January 22, 2019

Excited to start sharing character lessons and songs for little ones!  My first podcast talks about how we can share, what it means, a story, and a song about sharing! Woo hoo! Your little ones are going love this, and you will be singing and dancing