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No Friends But The Mountains
October 10, 2019

The US has pulled its troops from Syria and left their allies, the Kurds, to get massacred.

Real Recognize Real
August 25, 2019

Lucas in Lima
January 08, 2019

A conversation with Lucas featuring fun story times of our vacation and holidays together

Helen & Helping People Help Themselves
November 03, 2018

On this episode of my Mental Health Project I talk to Helen, another old internet friend of mine, about depression and anxiety.

Caro y Su Vida Como Borderline
October 24, 2018

TLP - Borderline Personality Disorder

David & The Importance of Human Connection
October 17, 2018

David & The Importance of Human Connection

Geology Rocks!
October 10, 2018

Geology, Climate Change, the Red Tide in Florida, Crystals, MS13, and why walking on the sidewalk in Lima is incredibly frustrating.

Un Año Despues
September 24, 2018

One year after Hurricane Maria featuring Adri, Botham Jeans Murder, Mental Health, my shucking video obsession comeback, and a few ideas/ listener questions....

Ronald Tsang
September 08, 2018

Tumblr, Wrestling, Rap, and Ronald Tsang