#SEOisAEO Digital Marketing Podcast - The most fun you'll ever have learning about digital from the

#SEOisAEO Digital Marketing Podcast - The most fun you'll ever have learning about digital from the

Latest Episodes

Structured Data, Ontologies, Commonsense Knowledge Graphs – Round Table at #BrightonSEO with Martha Van Berkel, Robin Allenson and Dateme Tubotamuno
September 15, 2019

Three amazingly intelligent and eloquent people help me understand rather a lot of concepts. What is a commonsense Knowledge Graph? Using Schema.org structured data to manage your data layer. Ontologies are containers full of entities that have relatio...

Selling on Amazon – a More Pessimistic View (than Dan) #SEOisAEO with Paula Didone at #BrightonSEO
September 10, 2019

Paula had just given a talk at BrightonSEO in (April 2019 edition). This is a great follow-up to Dan Saunder's episode... Amazon is challenging both for PPC and SEO. PPC can become very expensive very quickly, especially as a side business.

How Google is Using Machine Learning (SEO and SEA)- #SEOisAEO with Jeff Ferguson
September 07, 2019

Jef gets us started with a repeat of his groovy Elvis impersonation. Then gets serious and gives some amazing insights into what machine learning Google is using that affects SEO. Obviously Rankbrain, but also crawling and extracting unstructured and s...

Attention Deficit Disorder and PPC #SEOisAEO with Joel Bondorowsky at #semrushTelAviv
August 30, 2019

On the beach in Tel Aviv, Joel tells me he has Ukrainian roots. Joel has attention deficit disorder, meaning he has trouble achieving long term goals… unless under pressure, or the goals are incredibly short term task-driven or when it is fun.

Reviews in SEO Today and Tomorrow #SEOisAEO with Ric Rodriguez at #DigitalEliteDay
August 27, 2019

Ric is the first guest to ask specifically for the song. Apparently it haunts his dreams! Ric is really into local SEO, and so he is a big fan of reviews. I start on the obvious advantage - reducing Google Ads costs.

Where is the War on New Hardware Technologies #SEOisAEO with Patrick Reinhart at #BrightonSEO
August 23, 2019

The first guest who is more overexcited and enthusiastic than I am. You can almost hear his arms waving. Very fun conversation, and Patrick is super-smart. The importance of Alexa is overestimated. There are so many devices that we will soon be talking...

The Truth About Attribution (hint, use Machine Learning) #SEOisAEO with Chris Liversidge at #BrightonSEO
August 20, 2019

Google Analytics doesn't clean the data and that makes it **** (expletive). That means in SEO and SEA, you are constantly being driven towards last-click terms. And that is saturated. If you can understand attribution,

Dancing With Google #SEOisAEO with Andrea Volpini at #BrightonSEO
August 13, 2019

Andrea describes a dance between machines and humans that means much of what we see is really a semi-automated approach to SEO. Absolutely brilliant insights. Brilliant enough to stop me talking too much, for once :) A cycle of a machine and humans cor...

The 5 Steps of Podcasting #SEOisAEO with David Bain at #DigitalEliteDay
August 11, 2019

We kick off with a singing duet. David then suggests that I am not so good at preliminaries. We then quickly get onto the five steps. Step 1 is prerecorded audio - make sure that is really good or you will hit problems later on.

Google Penalties Explained #SEOisAEO with Fili Wiese at #BrightonSEO
August 07, 2019

Second episode with Fili. First point - manual penalties are real, but algorithmic penalties do not, just a change in the calculations. An algorithmic updates are not like cars with slashed tyres, they are like navigation systems (or something like tha...