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S02E04 – Eve Packer
November 04, 2019

NYC poet Eve Packer in conversation with Bernard Meisler. Eve Packer Great NYC poet Eve Packer and I spoke about the loss of our dear friend Steve Cannon, Jeffrey Epstein (Note: this was recorded in mid-July),

S02E03 – Sensitive Skin Live At San Francisco LitCrawl
October 28, 2019

Sensitive Skin live at LitCrawl, recorded at the Valencia Room, San Francisco. Instead of the usual conversation, why not give a listen to last week’s Sensitive Skin reading at LitCrawl, live from San Francisco?

S02E02 – Gerald Nicosia
October 21, 2019

Gerald Nicosia in conversation with Bernard Meisler. Gerald Nicosia An absolute must-listen for all fans of Jack Kerouac and the Beats. Gerry and I spoke about his role as an advisor to the film version of “On The Road,

S02E01 – Anton Yakovlev
October 14, 2019

Anton Yakovlev in conversation with Bernard Meisler. Welcome to season 2 of the Sensitive Skin magazine podcast! We discuss Anton’s growing up in Moscow, during the final years of the Soviet Union, his emigration to the United States,

Season 2 Episode 0
October 07, 2019

A season-opening mini-episode of the Sensitive Skin podcast featuring your host, Bernard Meisler. I discuss some of last season’s 20 podcasts, what I learned, and the new upcoming season of another 20. Our first guest will be up next week—Anton Yakovle...

Episode 20 – Marc Olmsted
June 11, 2019

Marc Olmsted in conversation with Bernard Meisler. Marc Olmsted with an original Brion Gysin dream machine Marc Olmsted is a poet whose work has appeared in a million different places, he’s a teacher, of both writing and Buddhist meditation,

Episode 19 – Mark Howell
June 03, 2019

Mark Howell in conversation with Bernard Meisler. Mark Howell Musical archaeologist (and great guitar player) Mark Howell has played with everybody in the – what would you call it? – avant-progressive-jazz-rock scene – Bill Laswell, George Cartwright,

Episode 18 – Rob Roberge
May 27, 2019

Rob Roberge in conversation with Bernard Meisler. Rob Roberge Rob Roberge, novelist (The Cost of Living, More Than They Could Chew, etc.), memoirist (Liar) and guitarist (The Urinals) and I spoke about everything from coal-oven-baked pizza to the corru...

Episode 17 – Andrew Hubner
May 20, 2019

Andrew (Drew) Hubner in conversation with Bernard Meisler. Andrew (Drew) Hubner, is the author of East of Bowery, We Pierce and American By Blood, and an educator at Hostos Community College in the Bronx. We spoke about his new novel,

Episode 16 – Agneta Falk
May 13, 2019

Agneta Falk in conversation with Bernard Meisler Agneta Falk at Live Worms Gallery in North Beach, San Francisco. I met poet and painter Agneta (Aggie) Falk at the Live Worms Gallery in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood.