The Seniorologie Podcast

The Seniorologie Podcast

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5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website
February 28, 2024

Today, well discuss essential strategies to drive traffic to your website. Whether youre new to photography or striving to boost your online presence, these tips are your ticket to attracting more c

5 Tactics that WORK to get Seniors on Your Email List
February 21, 2024

In todays digital age, having a strong online presence and effective marketing strategies are essential for growing your photography business. Thats why Im excited to share with you five proven tac

5 Tips To Use The Power of TikTok to Catapult Your Photography Business
February 14, 2024

Today, Im sharing 5 tips for using the power of TikTok to promote and grow your high school senior photography business! For some of you, diving into the world of TikTok might sound intimidating. And

What’s Trendy, What’s Not, and How to Impress Your Gen Z Clients
February 07, 2024

Today I am sharing a real candid conversation with two of my Leslie Kerrigan Photography model team members, Mallory and Hannah Grace. Were chatting about social media, whats cool and whats cringe,

3 Updates To Make on Your Senior Photography Website
January 31, 2024

Today Im sharing 3 updates to make on your senior photography website to convert potential clients into clients. Its no secret that there are several photographers to choose from these days. In a se

5 Things You Can Do in the Slow Season To Get Ready for the Busy Season
January 24, 2024

Today, Im sharing 5 things you can do in the slow season to get ready for the busy season. When it comes to high school senior photography, there isnt a whole lot of downtime! However, every now and

5 Goals To Set for 2024 That You Can Actually Achieve
January 17, 2024

Today, Im sharing 5 goals to set for 2024 that you can actually achieve! When it comes to setting goals for your photography business for the new year, do you know exactly what you want to achieve? O

The PR of Photography – Part 2
January 10, 2024

Today were continuing our discussion about a crucial aspect of your photography business The PR of Photography Part 2. This is part 2 of our quick two-part series, so if you havent listened to p

The PR of Photography – Part 1
December 20, 2023

Today were diving into a crucial aspect of your photography business, The PR of Photography Part 1. In this first part of the series, were focusing on harnessing the power of public relations stra

Inside Look at a Coaching Call Part 2 – Spokesmodel Team Q&A
December 13, 2023

In todays post, Inside Look at a Coaching Call Part 2 Spokesmodel Team Q&A, were continuing this quick two-part series! Were taking a look behind the scenes of a coaching call about spokesmodel t