Selling the Dream: A Podcast for Resort & 2nd Home Real Estate Agents

Selling the Dream: A Podcast for Resort & 2nd Home Real Estate Agents

Ep. 219: Chelsea Pietz Shares How Stories Create Quick, Real Connections

October 02, 2020

Do you love using social media to connect with people?

Are you trying all the new things that you’ve learned, and done successfully in the past? But now, you’re watching your views and engagement drop?

Social media is dynamic and constantly changing: just when you start to think you’ve mastered it, it changes and evolves AGAIN.

When we record episodes of the Selling the Dream podcast, we go live on Facebook, and share the episode. I find such value in the content that all of our guests are sharing, and want to make sure it’s out there for everyone to find!

I’ve invited Chelsea Peitz, a Snapchat and social media guru, onto the show so we can talk about social media, and how you can maximize your presence using these free networks and resources that are available for all of us to use!

Chelsea is an expert in using Instagram stories, and shares so many helpful hints and tips that you can implement today in your social media. She shares all kinds of valuable, super helpful information, including connecting your Instagram and Facebook stories (and what kind of accounts you can connect), how much to post per day, what kind of hashtags to use (and how many to use).

This week on the Selling the Dream podcast, get ready to see how you can use social media to build those real, authentic connections. You won’t want to miss this week’s episode of the Selling the Dream podcast!

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Highlights of this episode:

  • Tom introduces Chelsea and her business.

  • Chelsea says that the biggest thing on social media is anything with “CRM - camera first, real time, message enabled.”

  • Remember: Facebook prioritizes personal content rather than promotional content.

  • On Facebook, live video will perform better than pre-recorded, and one good photo will perform better than multiple photos (or an album).

  • Don’t share YouTube videos on Facebook: upload the video directly to Facebook. They want to keep you on their platform, so won’t share your link as well if it’s a YouTube link.

  • Instagram stories are like reality TV; you can start conversations with real people all over!

  • If you have a personal Instagram account, you can post the same stories to Facebook and Instagram at the same time! If it’s business, you can only post to a business page vs a personal profile.

  • You don’t have to spend a lot of time on these stories: if they are 5 seconds, and you post 10 a day, you’ve only really used a minute of your time!

  • The easiest way to build engagement is to engage on others’ posts.

  • When you’re on stories, you can say “if you’re thinking about buying or selling a second home, send me a DM!” that helps bring the connection to your messages so you can privately help the person. No one else needs to know!

  • Only 60% of stories are watched with sound on.

  • Have good photos, but focus on the captions to encourage people to engage with your content.

  • When it comes to hashtags, think about what people are searching for! No one is searching #realestate or #mortgage. They are looking for practical things, like #phoenixrealestate or #mauirealestate.

  • Make your instagram almost like a blog.

  • Interested in trying LinkedIn? It’s an amplifier of your message, and a great way to connect with new people.

  • If you’re brand new in the business, find an expert in the field, and learn. Learn who your audience is, and how you want to serve them. Identify your unique value proposition.

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