Selling the Dream: A Podcast for Resort & 2nd Home Real Estate Agents

Selling the Dream: A Podcast for Resort & 2nd Home Real Estate Agents

Ep. 186: Have You Set Expectations?

June 09, 2020

Title: Have You Set Expectations?

Have you set expectations for your business as you are coming out of COVID-19?

Let’s be honest, we all have expectations for our business, and what we want to achieve!

Now, as we are coming out of a global pandemic, setting these expectations is even more important than ever!

Everyone has questions: what’s going to happen now? Buyers, sellers, and even realtors are asking these questions!

This will be a new way of doing business, and you’ll have to be prepared for anything!

Buyers may be looking for a deal, or they may be ready to drop money on their dream home! Sellers may be desperate to sell, or they may be willing to wait to get their asking price!

It’s like fishing: you have to drop your line in the water and see what bites!

As we’re helping people find their dream homes after the pandemic, just be flexible, and be willing to adjust your expectations, and more importantly, help your clients adjust their expectations!

This week on the Tip Tuesday episode of the Selling the Dream podcast, I’m here to share how adjusting your expectations after a global pandemic will help you serve your clients effectively!

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Highlights of this episode:

  • Have you started your game plan for when things open up after COVID-19?

  • Setting expectations with our clients is important at any time, but even more important now!

  • People don’t know what to expect in the market! Should they buy now? Sell now? Hold out for a better price? Will there be deals later?

  • You’ll want to make sure that you’re helping set expectations with your clients so that they are prepared for anything that happens!

  • Be ready to guide them, and be open to anything! Is their offer too low? Send it anyway! You never know what will happen - and tell them that!

  • Just be ready to set expectations for your clients! Anything can happen!

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