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Small Farm Nation

Farm Marketing – Active vs. Latent Customer Needs

May 26, 2021 So it’s December and we’re winding down the farm season. While that means we have fewer chores to do, we still have farm chores, right? Frozen water troughs, hay that’s gotta be dished out, pigs still need to be fed and so on.

But the chore load is definitely reduced this time of year, and that’s a good thing. Because we need to rejuvenate, celebrate the season and recharge our batteries. No doubt about it. So what can we do on these frigid winter days to drive our farm businesses forward. I suspect many of you are looking at seed and hatchery catalogs, or even working on planting calendars.

But we also need to take advantage of this time to focus on one of the most strategically important areas of our business—of any business. And that is marketing.

In this episode I'll walk you through 7 Farm Marketing tasks you can perform this winter to get your farm in great shape for next year.