See You Next Tuesday

See You Next Tuesday

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Episode 2 - The Wasabi-racy
February 17, 2023

We are back in the "studio" this week after a long time away from the "studio"... Okay, fine! It's Hayden's spare room. But it's a good room! You don't believe us? FIGHT ME!!Catch UpWe discuss the events and recent

Episode 1 - In Tents Discussions
January 23, 2023

We are officially back with our first full episode together! And this time... we're in a tent! Setting The Scene and Catch Up Straight from Hayden's tent in a campsite, we talk about where we've been the past few years and what we've

Episode 0 - We're Back
January 09, 2023

After 2 (and a bit) long years... THE BOYS ARE BACK!!!Here is a little snippet of us catching up and letting you all know that we will be recording our episodes again and doing our live shows on CASTBOX again!Support the showYou can find us and contact us

S3E3 - Forgetting Numbers and Sending Dogs Into The Future
August 19, 2020

This week Hayden and Cam talk about Fake Music Movie Things, re-create iconic scripts and More Kingdom Hearts! In this episode:Gettin' DeepThe boys talk about their inner feelings and answer some thought provoking questions... like 'what day wou

S3E2 - Should Xamc And Haydenx Stay, Or Should They Go?
August 07, 2020

Talk about X's and hard rock music, it's another instalment of SYNT SEASON 3!This week Hayden and Cam talk about Board Games, The Clash and More Kingdom Hearts! In this episode:Pick the Fake: Board Game EditionCan Cam crack the code, roll a 7 an

Back For Season 3 And A Whole Lot More Wontons!
July 22, 2020

YEW! We are back for another great season on the show and we are so excited to bring you more comedy and fun with your two favourite average white boys!After a bit of a catch up, we first get back into truly finding out about ourselves through a few...

Season 3 Trailer: We're Back Baby + New Theme Song
July 17, 2020

We're back, BABY!!!!We are back on schedule and ready to give you guys the laughs and giggles again!Here's a little trailer for you all and the new theme song!Support the show

Episode #56 - Picture This: "A Grand Foretelling of A Noble Adventure of A Hero(s) That Could Have Possibly Existed, Maybe. We’ll See… Or Whenever" (A Fantasy Movie)
March 13, 2020

Step into the woods young traveller. I am the oracle! A guide and task bringer for adventurers like yourself. Please, tell me your name... Oh, Slutbanger6969? Well Mr. Banger... you will be fighting rats in the kitchen of the local bar, NOW HOP TO IT!The

Episode #55 - 'The One Shot (Part 1): Talking About D&D'
March 04, 2020

Roll a wisdom saving throw... a 10? Okay... you take... 20 fire damage and you now have to stay and listen to the next 40 minutes! Hey, I didn't make the rules!This week we finally talk about our adventures in Dungeons and Dragons! The SYNT boys are

Episode #54 - "What Is In The Air Tonight, Mr. Collins?"
February 27, 2020

Another Tuesday means another episode. Hayden and Cam return to talk about some very serious topics... like the colour black and a classic song from the 80s.We start with another exciting 'Hayden's Topic'. This week we talk about the colour