See the Vision Podcast

See the Vision Podcast

Latest Episodes

13. See the Vision in Your Social Media Strategy
November 24, 2020

Special guest Megan Bowen, Social Media Expert

12. See the Vision in Sticking with Your Business
October 16, 2020

Learn valuable tools that will keep you growing your business long term.

11. See the Vision in Becoming a Leader
October 02, 2020

An Interview with top leader Lyndsee Bates

10. See the Vision in Staying Organized
September 01, 2020

Learn how to be organized and stay organized in all aspects of your life!

9. See the Vision in Working From Home with Kids
March 20, 2020

If you find yourself working from home and need a path to discovering your new norm than this is for you! I give you all the tools on how to create your new schedule, what to do when you actually have time to work and how to let your family help...

8. See the Vision in Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone
April 19, 2019

When starting your own direct sales business, the hardest part is getting out of your comfort zone! Going beyond friends and family can be daunting but in this episode I tell you all about how to find courage and kick fear to the curb!

7. Seeing the Vision in Attending Training Events
March 22, 2019

Ever wonder if you should attend the next convention?! I tell you all about why you should spend the money and the time to go to every single training event that is offered! You won't want to miss this!

6. See the Vision in Recruiting
March 08, 2019

On this episode, learn how to add team members to your direct sales team! You'll learn all of my tips and tricks on how to ask customers AND even strangers to join your company!

5. See the Vision in Jet Setting and Goal Getting
March 01, 2019

This is a presentation I gave a few weeks ago at a corporate training. It's all about learning how to grow your business, earning incentive trips all while being YOU!! Learn to set goals and crush them!

4. See the Vision in Finding New Customers
February 19, 2019

Your business is nothing if you don't have customers! Use these tips and tricks to grow and expand your customer base!