Podcast – Secretly Timid

Podcast – Secretly Timid

Latest Episodes

Asking For It
March 04, 2023

WERE BACK!! On this episode Jon and Megs are joined by poet Donovan Hufnagle. Donavans fourth poetry collection, RawFleshFlash The Incomplete, Unfinished Documenting Of. Other topics include Megs

Cesar’s Wish
January 21, 2023

On this weeks episode, a cleaner gets freaked out, are superheroes woke?, marriage, and dramatic poker players. This episode features Key to the City by Sorry

Megan’s Probe
December 31, 2022

On this weeks episode, Megs found a dog, and Jons apartment got flooded. Featuring Suck it Up by Juliana Hatfield

Boxing Helena
December 24, 2022

On this weeks episode Meg is a small business owner, and Jon was so excited his pipes didnt burst. Wellafter this episode was recorded, guess what happened? Topics include the misogyny of Karen,

December 03, 2022

Jon has a theory, and Megs hosted Thanksgiving. Other topics include cat v. dog, Mneskin, and DJ Hands. Featuring Birthday by Wooze

50 Dollars
November 12, 2022

Topics include the midterms, concerts, and butt stuff. Featuring, Slowly by Preoccupations

Ghost and Votes
October 29, 2022

Topics include being your own boss, dietary fiber, voting, and the recent attack on Paul Pelosi

October 01, 2022

Topics include Swedish television, hurricanes, gun battles, and jackpots. The featured song is Safety of Objects by Anni Rossi

Naughty Farties
September 24, 2022

On this weeks episode, Jon, Megs, and Jessica discuss the Queen, work in adult entertainment, and their previous scummy jobs. The featured song is, Used to Know Her (Demo) by Louise Post

Sleep Talk
September 03, 2022

Topics include moaning in your sleep, predatory behavior in adults, and fakers The featured song is Hart by Bulls