Podcast – Secretly Timid

Podcast – Secretly Timid

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Naughty Farties
September 24, 2022

On this week’s episode, Jon, Megs, and Jessica discuss the Queen, work in adult entertainment, and their previous scummy jobs. The featured song is, Used to Know Her (Demo) by Louise Post

Sleep Talk
September 03, 2022

Topics include moaning in your sleep, predatory behavior in adults, and fakers The featured song is Hart by Bulls

You Gotta See The Subpoena!
August 27, 2022

Topics include a special announcement, the moving of goal posts, objectification, and the bog of eternal stench Featured song is Like a Lady by Pom Poko

July 30, 2022

Don’t body shame Gen Z. They will judo throw that into raising millions for their cause. Featured song is “Number” by Birth to Burial

July 23, 2022

Monkey Pox? Hedonists? Libertines? Bad guests? Oh, and there is a bigot on UTD’s payroll. Enjoy the featured song “Meticulous Bird” by Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

The State of Things
July 02, 2022

On this week’s episode, Jon and Megs discuss the state of things. This week’s featured song is My Name is David by Dust Congress

Welcome Back! Bidets, New Careers, and Chinchas
June 18, 2022

We are back! Topics discussed on this episode are bidets, bedbugs, and career changes. Gun safety, the Jan 6 committee, and Ezra Miller are also discussed. Punk Rock Loser by Viagra Boys is the featur

Cawthorn, Roe, Yeast Infection?
May 07, 2022

We are back! On today’s episode, Jon, Megs, and special guest Patrick discuss Madison Cawthorn, Roe V Wade, and someone you least expect has a yeast infection? Additional discussion includes Korean tr

Knee Update, Cawthorn, Slap, Supreme Court
April 02, 2022

Republican Occult Orgies….what is going on???!!! The featured song of this podcast is I Like Crime by Deap Vally

Prosthetic D and the Bum Knee
March 19, 2022

On this week’s show, Jon and Megs discuss internalized homophobia, prosthetic penises in television shows such as Minx, and Megan’s injured knee. The featured song is It’s So Cruel by Depeche Mode