Second in Command: The Chief Behind the Chief

Second in Command: The Chief Behind the Chief

Latest Episodes

Ep. 78 – Himalaya Media COO, Ariel Liu
October 06, 2019

Our guest today is Ariel Liu, the Chief Operating Officer of Himalaya Media. Himalaya Media is an innovative podcast platform with leading monetization offerings and audience growth solutions. Before joining Himalaya,

Ep. 77 – Worldwide Express COO, Joel Clum
September 29, 2019

Our guest today is Joel Clum, the Chief Operating Officer of Worldwide Express. Worldwide Express is a $1.6B third-party logistics company that helps small to mid-sized businesses with their small parcel, less-than-truckload,

Ep. 76 – Flix Brewhouse COO, Matthew Baizer
September 23, 2019

Our guest today is Matthew Baizer the COO at Flix Brewhouse. Matt came to Flix from Real Mex Restaurants where he was the Director of Franchise Operations for Chevy’s 24-store franchise operation as well as a region of five company-owned stores,

Ep. 74 – Talend COO & CTO, Laurent Bride
September 16, 2019

Our guest today is Laurent Bride the COO and CTO at Talend. Talend offers a single suite of cloud apps for data integration and data integrity to help enterprises collect, govern, transform, and share data. When he joined Talend,

Ep. 75 – Gainsight COO, Allison Pickens
September 14, 2019

Our guest today is Allison Pickens the COO at Gainsight. Allison is an internationally known thought leader on driving subscription revenue growth and scaling teams. Allison was named one of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women, one of the Top Women in SaaS,

Ep. 73 – Pariveda COO, Kerry Stover
August 24, 2019

Our guest today is Kerry Stover, the COO at Pariveda Solutions. Kerry has delivered solutions in the areas of IT strategy, large system implementation, process management, enterprise architecture development, project management,

Ep. 72 – Taher, Inc. COO, Shawn Taher
August 23, 2019

Our guest today is Shawn Taher, the COO at Taher, Inc. Shawn has had a unique career, starting in the vending industry filling vending machines at Taher, Inc. to becoming a respected Senior Leader. Leading his team on his newest initiative “Healthy is ...

Ep. 71 – Zurixx COO, Andrew Way
August 16, 2019

Our guest today is Andrew Way, the COO at Zurixx. After working with large internationally-known brands, including Nike and Amazon, and multiple innovative education companies Andrew Way joined Zurixx’s executive team in 2017.

Ep. 70 – TINYpulse Head of Product Development, Dave Hajdu
August 09, 2019

Our guest today is David Hajdu, the Head of Product Development for TINYpulse. Dave has spent the last ten years of his life helping leaders use technology to enhance their business value.  For seven of those years it was in the outsourcing space where...

Ep. 69 – Freedom Street Partners COO, Andrew Gregory
August 02, 2019

Our guest today is Andrew Gregory, the COO of Freedom Street Partners. With over thirteen years of experience as a financial advisor, Andrew has expertise in comprehensive financial planning services to help clients thoughtfully pursue their goals.