Scuba Shack Radio

Scuba Shack Radio

128. Happy New Year and Welcome to Season 6

January 01, 2024

Season six will feature a few changes to the format.

Sea Hunt It's Still Alive will be on hiatus for a while. After five years it is time to give Mike Nelson a bit of a break.

Every show will also feature an update from the dive shop. In this episode I talk about some of the "fun" year-end activities.

Wet Notes will continue on with news, information and product updates - in this episode learn more about

The Oceanic Plus dive housing
Two scuba shows here in the Northeast - Boston Sea Rovers and Beneath the Sea
An accident in Kaneohe Bay
A record sale for a vintage dive helmet
News from the Clearly Cayman Resorts
DEMA Town Halls regarding 2024 Las Vegas Show

My commentary will be broken out as an individual segment - this time I talk about the need to use a dive computer (there are still folks who don't see the need).