Scrapbook Your Way

Scrapbook Your Way

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SYW266 - Crafting the Fairytale
June 10, 2024

Andrea Bethke wants to share her creativity, no matter what it takes. As a designer and business owner who also lives with a chronic illness, Andrea leverages the time she feels better and works when and where she can. In this episode you'll hear Andrea's

SYW265 - My Way with Wendy Erasmus
June 03, 2024

Wendy Erasmus combines her passion for storytelling with minimalist products, creating beautiful pages and projects sharing her legacy. In our conversation we explore how Wendy has deepened her self worth and grown closer to her authentic self through her

SYW264 - Self-Care is Not Selfish
May 28, 2024

Kendall Slutsky is one of the most genuinely positive and encouraging women I've met. In this episode we chat about the true value of self-care, Kendall's health and fitness journey, and the importance of creating the energy you need for hobbies like scra

SYW263 - Using Canva for Scrapbooking
May 20, 2024

A year ago Rachael Giallongo started using Canva for scrapbooking and she hasn't looked back. In this episode we chat about her creative journey, why she loves Canva, and her advice for getting started with this digital tool.Visit

SYW262 - The Benefits of Showing Up
May 14, 2024

Spring is a busy season for memory keepers, as the world beckons us towards outside hobbies, experiences, and celebrations. In this episode I'm chatting with Simple Scrapper team members Peggy Collins and Amy Zwart about our current interests and how we'r

SYW261 - My Way with Flóra Farkas
May 06, 2024

This episode features an interview with the Simple Scrapper featured artist for May 2024: Flra Farkas. A detail-oriented scrapbooker with a love of floral details, Flra loves capturing everyday life through her pages. Our conversation includes her curre

SYW260 - Inspired by the Community
April 30, 2024

For Stephanie Daubek, scrapbooking is more than just a fun hobby. It's intrinsic to her everyday life, offering outlets for creativity, gratitude, and self-care. In this episode we chat about Stephanie's creative journey, including the role of stickers, t

SYW259 - How to Keep Scrapbooking Fresh
April 22, 2024

Neela Nalam discovered her passion for scrapbooking through a colleague, but she has sustained it by exploring new methods of storytelling. In this episode Neela shares how she stays excited about her hobby, including blending projects that offer more fre

SYW258 - Secrets of a Project Finisher
April 15, 2024

Last year Robyn Montoya finished 14 scrapbook albums and mini books. In this episode I'm asking her all the questions about her process and productivity strategies, as well as how her personality plays into finishing. Robyn also shares how she approaches

SYW257 - My Way with Kellie Turner
April 10, 2024

Kellie Turner is a long-time digital scrapbooker that you might know as @joelsgirl at the Sweet Shoppe and other digital communities. In this episode we're chatting about her life in Southeast Asia, her journey as a scrapbooker, and of course, her favorit