The Scouse Science Podcast

The Scouse Science Podcast

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12: Fi Glover and Professor Iain Buchan
June 21, 2021

Professor Tom Solomon is joined by guests, Fi Glover: BBC journalist who hosts the Fortunately podcast alongside previous Scouse Science guest, Jane Garvey, as well as The Listening Project for BBC Radio4 and My Perfect Country for the BBC World Servic...

11: Jonathan Freedland and Professor Dame Janet Beer
May 10, 2021

Professor Tom Solomon is joined by University of Liverpool Vice-Chanellor Dame Janet Beer and Guardian columnist and BBC Broadcaster Jonathan Freedland to chat about poetry, novels, conspiracy theories, politics, and Jonathan's next book project

10: Mairead Smyth and Professor Graham Medley OBE
April 15, 2021

Professor Tom Solomon is joined by BBC North-West Tonight’s Mairead Smyth and Professor Graham Medley OBE, Professor of Disease Modelling from the London School of Tropical Medicine and member of the Government’s SAGE Committee.

9: Jan Ravens and Dr Mike Beadsworth
March 10, 2021

Professor Tom Solomon’s guest this time is actor and impressionist Jan Ravens. They are joined by Scouse Scientist Holly Ellis and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine’s Dr Mike Beadsworth. This episode covers coronavirus, vaccines,

8: Michael Buerk
February 05, 2021

Professor Tom Solomon chats to legendary journalist and newsreader Michael Buerk about his career and controversies, his views on the coronavirus pandemic, and his time in that jungle programme…

7: Stephen McGann and Dr Stacy Todd
January 13, 2021

Professor Tom Solomon's guest in this episode are actor Stephen McGann and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine's Dr Stacy Todd. They discuss coronavirus vaccines, choosing between oil rigs and science, Call the Midwife and how Stephen practices deliv...

6: Eleanor Moritz and Dr Tom Fletcher
December 07, 2020

Reporting on the coronavirus, mass testing, the infectious diseases ward at Liverpool and Tom’s aunty Judy

5: Andy Burnham, Dr Emily Adams and Holly Ellis
November 05, 2020

Coronavirus, Manchester, COVID-19 testing and Andy Burnham’s next steps in politics

4: Jane Garvey, Professor Saye Khoo and Holly Ellis
October 16, 2020

Coronavirus, Liverpool, Woman’s Hour and THE scouse scientist

3: Roger Phillips and Professor Louise Kenny
September 10, 2020

Coronavirus, Pre-eclampsia and how to answer interview questions!