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Bespoke Automotive – Sean Smith Designs with Sean Smith

May 26, 2021

If you ask any car enthusiast you know what their dream job would be, it would probably be to design and create the most luxurious and classic cars out there. For Sean Smith, he gets to live this dream job every day. Sean specializes in the bespoke automotive industry and founded Sean Smith Designs. He has designed the most spectacular cars for celebrities like Kevin Hart and Robert Downey Jr. and works with brands like Saleen Automotive, Ringbrothers, and Speedkore.

In this episode, we talked about Sean's design journey from being a student in high school to working at Honda to establishing Sean Smith Designs, his automotive design process, where he gets his inspiration from, tips and advice for future designers and we even talked about Chili; plus a whole lot more.

Enjoy getting to know Sean smith and his journey as a creator.

Cheers, and go create.