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Scotch Parlor

The One Stop Cocktail Shop – Spirit & Spoon with Karl Steuck

May 12, 2021

Many people don’t think about what all it takes to create a bar menu and a cocktail experience that’ll leave you wanting more. As consumers and patrons, we glance the menu, and we choose what we’d like to enjoy for the night. It doesn’t enter our mind what all goes into creating the menu, visuals, and social media content for the drinks we order. Karl Steuck understands the industry best; as the founder of Spirit & Spoon, a creative media business that combines photography and content development with cocktail and social media consulting, he can attest to all the hard work it takes to create a business that brings color to the menu and helps other businesses thrive along the way.

In this episode, we talk about how Karl's life changed when he moved from Michigan to L.A., how Spirit & Spoon was born, his photography process, his mindset when it comes to making his videos, what's the best booze strategy when hosting a gathering, his cocktail of choice, social media tips, how he balance his creative passion with his work plus a whole lot more.

Enjoy getting to know Karl Steuck the founder of Spirit and Spoon and his journey as a creator.

Cheers, and go create.