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Scotch Parlor

All Aces at Kings Wild Project with Jackson Robinson

April 28, 2021

Jackson Robinson is the illustrator we never knew we needed in our lives. His wit, sarcasm, and the ability to create a beautifully detailed deck of cards is the reason why people are drawn to who he is as a whole. Robinson, who is the illustrator and founder of Kings Wild Project, a luxury playing cards company that produces creatively illustrated playing cards, has only one message to deliver his audience around the world, and it's to… learn to like "the suck."

In this episode, we talk about how it all started for Jackson as an illustrator, how Kickstarter helped him start and grow Kings Wild Project, what "the suck" is, what he thinks of perfectionism, his booze of choice being Mead, what he really does beyond just selling decks of cards, plus a whole lot more.

Enjoy getting to know Jackson Robinson and his journey as a creator.

Cheers, and go create.