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The Lens of Arwin – Land, Sea & Sky

March 24, 2021

Arwin Levinson is a Las Vegas-based landscape photographer known to capture some of the most compelling photography that depicts nature in its most raw and ethereal form. Levinson's commitment to her photography career only took a serious turn several years ago, and since then, she's devoted her time to capturing not only perfectly timed photos of our world but also the feeling of awe you get when you experience those moments of wonder in real-time.

Arwin was born in Massachusetts and studied computer science at the University of Illinois before finding herself in Las Vegas. One day, on a road trip through the country to help her sister move to Los Angeles, Levinson found herself driving through the mountains in Colorado when she felt immediately inspired by the nature and the views of the mountains. She picked up her first camera not long after in Portland (a Pentax SLR) and found herself wandering around the landscapes trying to capture as much of the land surrounding the North West as she could. When she moved back to Illinois, she found herself in a city with very minimal landscape opportunities, but a work trip that took her all the way to India, where she got the chance to visit the Himalayas, would rekindle her passion for photography again.

Arwin's style is more realistic with certain aspects she adds that go beyond realism and add more depth to the photo, all to capture the viewers and transport them in. She uses techniques like exposure blending, focal-length, and time blending to reveal a photo that includes many layers that all work to enhance the image. She also loves to shoot astrophotography and has an interest in the universe and our placement among the stars. The stars are always vibrant and round, and when she can, she finds a way for sunbeams to be the source of light that pulls us in. Her technique is added in Photoshop, while Lightroom is used to organize all the photos she takes, which she admits she picks only a handful of them for her viewers to see.

To create such stunning photography, Levinson credits her patience and persistence to get the perfect shot she envisions. She makes a list of the things she wants to shoot and does her research to determine when the best time to capture those shots is. She considers the weather, season, and time of year and whether the conditions will be right to get what she wants. Once she's ready to shoot her shot, Arwin drives as far out as 8 hours to bring back what she's envisioned. She's committed to getting the perfect shot and has even had to come back to the same place several years in a row to photograph a landscape due to poor weather conditions and overcrowded locations.

Arwin, within only a few years of experience, has wowed her audience on social media with her photography, but that doesn't stop her from continuing her training with resources like workshops, books, and tutorials. She finds inspiration in travelers, hikers, and other photographers and does her part to share her wisdom with other up-and-coming photographers. Arwin is always looking for inspiration as she tries to get out into nature as often as she can to fine-tune her craft and capture photography that her viewers get to feel an emotional connection with.

In this podcast, you will hear how Arwin's love for landscape photography began, her choice of camera brand, her favorite lens and why she loves her lens so much, her creator routine as she plans, shoots, and does post-production, tips for those who are looking to start in photography and other great inspirational insights on how she creates.

Enjoy getting to know Arwin and her journey as a creator.

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Cheers, and Go Create.