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Born & Bred: The Creative Duo

March 15, 2021

Have you ever dreamed of opening up a creative agency? Do you wonder what it would be like to run your own creative shop? Let me introduce you to Kyle Merwin and George De’Ath, the founders of San Francisco’s creative branding and marketing agency Born & Bred.

In 2017, Born and Bred was established as a creative agency that can build brands and help grow brands like Eaze, Del Monte’s PinkGlow Pineapple, Whisper, and numerous others. Their involvement with each of their clients is remarkable. They put their whole heart into what they do and have a motto that they live by - “If the devil’s in the details, Hail Satan.”

In this podcast episode, you will hear from Kyle Merwin, the co-founder of Born & Bred and Lead Business Strategist. Originally born in La Paz, Bolivia, Kyle was raised in San Francisco, California, where he lives. Growing up, Kyle has always connected to his creative side. One of his favorite things to do was to create entertaining YouTube videos from his iMac. Initially, he thought he would go to film school but decided to pursue his connection to the creative world’s business side. After graduating from UC Berkeley, Kyle got his start on the ground floor of Eaze, the cannabis-technology company, as employee #18 and implemented tactics that grew the company to over one million deliveries in its first year.

Kyle met George De’Ath during his time there and would later become the other half of Born & Bred. Their yin-yang dynamic yielded instant business chemistry, which led to the founding of Born & Bred.

George De’Ath put the 'born' in Born & Bred. As a career designer and creative director, George turned his dream of starting an agency into a reality when he met Kyle Merwin in 2017. George’s background has allowed him to bring a global perspective to branding and design. Hailing from the United Kingdom and, before Born & Bred, George worked at agencies spanning the globe where he gained extensive experience across various industries, including Samsung, Diageo, and L'Oréal.

Grateful for his prior experience, George still knew a company creates the most meaningful work when people feel purpose in what they do. George uncovered his vision of bringing soul and energy back into design. He was confident, if the team thrives, then the output will mirror and, with the help of Merwin, that is what he has done.

In this podcast, you will hear how these gentlemen were growing up, their journey to how Born and Breed all came together, insights on the creative industry, advice for those who are looking to get into the creative agency world, tips for those who are trying to establish their own brands, what Kyle and George like to do for fun, drink, read, and other great inspirational insights of how life is like running an agency.

Cheers, and Go Create.