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Scotch Parlor

Intro Episode – Rick Scotch: A Creator

March 08, 2021

Rick spent more than a decade in the financial investment world as a market strategist and financial advisor. As he moved forward in life, he felt like something was missing and began searching for his "creative calling." So in 2016, Rick decided to leave the finance industry, start his creative entrepreneurial journey, and develop his skills in becoming a Multimedia Designer specializing in UX Design and Visual Media.

In 2018, Rick launched Scotch Parlor as a media project, with the idea to interview and profile the journeys of inspiring people throughout the Bay Area. It was built as a media platform where he produced a podcast, created short documentaries, and took editorial-type photos of the people he interviewed.

With the 2020 Pandemic limiting his podcast projects, he decided he would have to do his podcast interviews remotely for the future. The tremendous benefit of doing these remote podcasts was he could now bring the journeys and stories of inspiring creators from all across the nation to his Scotch Parlor audience. Scotch Parlor, today, continues to build upon its original concept of capturing and sharing the stories of inspiring creators through podcasting, short documentaries, and cool photos.

Rick is a big believer in self-teaching, learning, adapting, and being fearless when trying new things. All his ventures, jobs, and personal experiences have led him to what he genuinely loves doing. That's designing, creating content, and sharing stories with a camera.

Rick says, "Scotch Parlor will always be a project and platform that evolves and gets better and better over time. For now, this is where you will get to hear inspiring creators, be introduced to uniquely cool goods, recommended great books, and perhaps lured into pouring yourself a cocktail."

Cheers, and Go Create.